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#[[User:Wipawiij|Wipawii J.]]
#[[User:Wipawiij|Wipawii J.]]
#Dominik Zajak
#Dominik Zajak
#[[User:Trifonnt|Trifon Trifonov]]
#[[User:Trifonnt|Trifon Trifonov]] (D3 Soft Ltd.)
#[[User:redchris|Cristina Ghita]] ([[metas]])
#[[User:redchris|Cristina Ghita]] ([[metas]])
#Mario Calderon (westfalia)
#Mario Calderon (westfalia)

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After organizing 2nd European ADempiere Conference in 2009 which followed the European ADempiere Conference in 2007, ADempiere e.V. (ADeV) invites the community to the next Conference which takes places 2011 in Berlin!

ADempiere World Conference 2011

  • 02nd - 04th of September 2011 (Friday - Sunday)
  • University of Beuth in Berlin, Germany (
  • Agenda (Draft)
    • Community Gathering
    • Workshops / Knowledgetransfer
    • ADeV member meeting (private) ADeV is voting a new board

Stay tuned for more details!


Put your name here if you want to come.

  1. Mark Ostermann (metas)
  2. Kai Schaeffer (Schaeffer AG)
  3. Karsten Thiemann (Schaeffer AG)
  4. Dirk Niemeyer
  5. Norbert Wessel (metas)
  6. Teo Sarca (metas)
  7. Tobias Schöneberg (metas)
  8. Mike Mckay
  9. Kitti U.
  10. Wipawii J.
  11. Dominik Zajak
  12. Trifon Trifonov (D3 Soft Ltd.)
  13. Cristina Ghita (metas)
  14. Mario Calderon (westfalia)
  15. Susanne Calderon (westfalia)
  16. Marco Koster (Metux)
  17. Michael Judd (Akuna)
  18. William Wolfe
  19. Peter Sommer (Metux)

Workshops: Call for paper

Open Space: Call for ideas

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