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Language Pack Upload Activity


  • There are 21 languages setup in ADempiere Translation Platform by the end of Oct 7th, 2010.
  • But only 7 languages uploaded their existing translation -- the translation pack has already existed before this translation project.
  • This situation is may due to the difficulty from using tool4po to using
  • So we create this Language Pack Upload Activity to help you now.

How to do

  1. Step 1. You should collect all kinds / version of your local languages
    1. Following address you should look at:
      1. SVN Localization
      2. SVN Branches. Such as Thailand Branch.
      3. SVN Trunk
      4. SF.NET Adempiere Localization SF.NET Language Packs]

    1. Google it. Such as "ADempiere" + "German" or "ADempiere" + "Deutsch"
    2. Search your local forum. Such as Russian Translation Project
  1. Step 2. You send all of the language packs to us. Now send to Peanutblake.
  2. Step 3. We will review your packages and give you feed back.
  3. Step 4. We will combine and transform your package to PO files.
  4. Step 5. We will upload the PO file to ADempiere Translation Platform.
  5. Step 6. We will notify you the result.

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