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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.
Principle of PO-POT Translation Approach


  • You may have some questions:
    • ADempiere language package is XML format, while is using PO file format. How to transform it?
    • We've ready have a good amount of translation in PostgreSQL or in XML package. How can we use it?
  • How to cover the gaps? That is "tool4po"!
  • tool4po is a tool for file format convertion between XML-AD format and .PO format.
    • XML-AD format is ADempiere standard XML format in language packages.
    • .PO format is a kind of format related with GNU gettext. Launchpad translation platform is using .PO format.
  • tool4po is developed using python3.1.
  • Read me: Tool4po Help

Basic functions

  • Convert XML en_US packages into POT files. (.POT is standard model for global translations)
  • Convert existing XML translation packages into .po files, so that the existing translations can be upload to


  • tool4po is designed for global languages. Now it works well for Chinese & Japanese.
  • It can be easily avaible for other languages by changing one pattern string in config.xml.


  • Tool4po source code is in
    • Please refer here for latest update: link
  • Version List:

Outdated resource


  • We are going to carry out following development, you are welcome to contribute :-)
    • "--get-po-all" Batch generate XML packages for all languages, from the PO package downloaded from
    • "--merge-xml" Merge all XML files into one XML file, so that you can find & check translations conveniently.

Development finished

  • New function: Merge "en_US" XML packages of new version into POT template files. Will be processed on next stable release.
  • New function: '--get-xml' Update XML files from PO files downloaded from ( Finished on Jun 21, 2010 )
  • OO re-write. Finished. Completely re-write in object-orient method. Finished on Jun 3rd, 2010.


  • What is new in 1.10:
    • Fix bug of '--get-list-trans'
  • What is new in 0.982a:
    • Improve '--get-po' for languages like German, Malay.
    • Simplify solution by removing 'xml-4po' file format.
  • What is new in 0.981a:
    • Now we can see help information like "Located in Content of: id-100:Name,id-114:Name ... ..." in
  1. (Jul 18, 2010) New POT template files are uploaded into Adding supports for Words with Different Translations.
  • What is new in 0.97a:
    • Enhaned the POT template files. 1. Support Words with Different Translations. 2. Whole information of 'Content of'
  • What is new in 0.962a:
    • Using en_US standard package.
    • New function: --tidy-xml.
  • What is new in 0.957a:
    • New function: --get-xml.
    • New support for western languages such as German.