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A Resource Assignment is an allocation of a Resource to one or more schedule time slots. The Resource Assignment Dialog provides a way to make or modify these allocations.


Icon: Icon Assignment24.png
Field: Assignment.


The Resource Assignment Dialog is only accessible from a Resource Assignment field.

If the Resource Assignment is "confirmed", the Resource, Date From and Quantity fields will be read only.

The Resource Assignment process is a bit buggy - use with caution.


The Resource Assignment Dialog is the helper function for the Resource Assignment field. The Resource Assignment field provides a way to assign resources to schedule slots. If a resource assignment exists, the field will show the resource name, the date of the assignment and the number of slots used or it will display the resource assignment ID.

There is no way to enter data directly in the field. You have to use the helper function. Clicking the Assignment helper function (Icon Assignment24.png) will do the following:

  • If the Assignment field is blank, it will open the Schedule Info window where you can double-click on a the starting schedule slot. The double-click will open the Resource Assignment Dialog
  • If the assignment already exists, the Resource Assignment Dialog will open directly.




The dialog displays five fields: Resource, Date From, Quantity, Name and Description. The time Unit of Measure is displayed beside the quantity field. There are also four buttons:

  • Icon Zoom24.png Zoom which will open the Schedule Info window showing the resource assignment. The Zoom button will only appear on existing assignments.
  • Icon Delete24.png Delete which will delete the assignment and clear the resource assignment field.
  • Icon Cancel24.png Cancel will cancel any changes and close the dialog.
  • Icon Ok24.png Confirm will accept changes and save these in the resource assignment field.

The Resource Assignment Dialog is one part of the system of assigning and billing for resources. If a resource assignment is saved in a Sales Order or Invoice, there is a callout ( which will perform the following actions:

  • Verify that the Resource Assignment has a valid ID
  • Finds the associated Resource Product and fills the order/invoice Product field with the Resource Product
  • If the Dialog Name contains more than the default ".", the Name field is saved in the Description field of the originating Order or Invoice. If the Description field in the Resource Assignment Dialog has text, this text is enclosed in parentheses and added to the Description field in the order or invoice.
  • The Qty Ordered, QtyInvoiced are filled for Orders and Invoices respectively
  • The Qty and Qty Entered are filled.

There are a few bugs in the system to watch for:

  • It is possible for a multiple sales orders to use the same Resource Assignment ID. When the Schedule Info window opens, clicking on an existing assignment will add that ID to the the order. This can be done multiple times from multiple orders from different customers making it unclear who has actually purchased the services of the resource.
  • Multi-day assignments are not effectively handled.
  • The UOM field is only displayed after the Resource field is changed.

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The software that displays this window can be found in:

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