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Documentation, especially developer documentation, is one of the main weakness of Compiere. Our hope is that one of the main advantages of ADempiere will be extensive documentation, tips, tutorials and Howtos.

If you have spent a lot of time and energy solving a difficult problem, please post your notes, or summarize all the difficulties you have had, and share them with us, other people will test your solution and maybe even improve it, correct it, or find a better way to do it; and everybody will be benefit, this is the way an open community works.

Start small

Don't be shy; even if your documentation is composed merely of some sketchy notes, remember that every little tip counts and will help other people. Putting it here in the open will allow people to test it and improve it. We need to start a virtuous process as good documentation will bring more people and this will benefit everyone.

Writing a huge chunk of documentation is overwhelming for anybody, but contributing small chunks from time to time makes things much easier; this is basically what a Wiki is about. Making your documentation open is an invitation for other people to begin testing and improving it. This is similar to the release often mantra we see in open source software development.

Wiki makes this process very natural and straightforward.

Refactor often

As with software code, documentation can also benefit from refactoring. Such an approach not only makes the process of writing documentation easier, but can also lead to big benefits later.

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