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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.

Updating from the previous AVA

  • The basic idea behind making AVA is simple, in fact too simple.
  • It is just a matter of adding onto another virtual machine image.
  • In this case we already have the previous AVA. So i am using the last one which was AVA315 done by Fer_Luck and Timo Kontro.

First Steps

  • Get into a fresh latest AVA via vmplayer (refer to ADempiere Virtual Appliance on how to get that.
  • Launch the web browser within AVA to download the latest binary release from SourceForge
  • You can alternatively compile the latest source from trunk and upload the binary to some ftp site and download back via the web browser.

Stop the JBoss

  • sudo /etc/init.d/jboss stop

Setting up

  • Now it is just a matter of setting up as normally expected in a real environment
  • But first copy the old properties files ( in both user directory and Adempiere's, so that you need not redo settings during
    • (i find it less hassle not to do this as the values you need to remember are 'adempiere')
  • sudo rm -fr /opt/Adempiere
  • untar the gz file into /opt directory (gzip -d, tar -xvf, mv source /opt/)
  • chmod 777
  • copy back the properties files
  • You may have to configure back the IP trust for pg_hba.conf and restart the PG with /etc/init.d/postgresql-8.2 restart
  • ./ (select PostgreSQL, use adempiere as DB name, System Password is 'postgres', and need to switch to root for this setup)
  • dropdb adempiere -U adempiere (this is proper way to drop the DB before the import below)
  • /utils/ ./

Test it

  • ./ (su adempiere first to login as adempiere user and not root which has no permissions)
  • /etc/init.d/jboss start (to resume app server for the web UI)
  • launch web browser and the default is http://adempiere/admin/

Repackaging the AVA

  • Making it smaller and saving it for upload has been tried but failed on some compression tools.
  • However Joseph Brower assisted alot by suggesting the use of 7z to bring it down to 460Mb in total.
    • Best settings in 7z is (31%):
      • Compieression level = Ultra
      • Dictionary size = 64 MB
      • Word size = 96
      • Solid Block size = solid
      • Number of CPU threads = 2
  • Still too large and so using a splitter to cut it into 6 files for easier uploading to SF File Release.
  • Further ideas to compress the AVA are welcome.

Shrinking Your AVA

  • There is a vmware-toolbox inside latest AVA that you can run to shrink your AVA from time to time to keep it from bloating.
  • In the AVA, call up a terminal window
    • su root
    • cd /usr/bin
    • ./vmware-toolbox
    • Select shrink and proceed until end
  • Note that the main file has decreased.


  • From Latest AVA Release
    • Download all 6 files, unzip and run the Create*.exe to combine back into one large 7z file.
    • Extract to new folder.

Special thanks to the boys from IRC

Of course Red1 can be dumb and always need fast help. Which i got easily from the IRC room. So here is big thanks to:

  • Fer_Luck (Brazil)
  • Timo Kontro (Finland)
  • Tim xp_prg (California)
  • Dellph (Cebu)
  • Usman88 (Medan)