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  • Adempiere announces ADempiere Business Inc. : The ADempiere Project has announced the incorporation of ADempiere Business Inc in the USA. ADempiere Business is a business entity that will subsequently file for non-profit status which will be complete focus on supporting the usage of ADempiere as a mission critical solution in the enterprise across the globe.
  • ADempiereWiki now supports Userboxes : This is a great way to disclose personal information you want to make public. It's a way to enhance the community and make contacts easier among people. See User:Khalid HASSANI for an example of userboxes. Many users have already added relevant userboxes to their profile.
  • Announcing ADempiere Virtual Appliance : This appliance has been contributed by a community member (many thanks to Timo Kontro), this is great tool to make ADempiere new installs straightforwad and start experimenting or showing it to your potential customers, without going through the hassel of a fresh install. Go and spread the word :)
  • Extensive categorization : ADempiereWiki has lately seen extensive organization and categorization to make it a more useful ressource. Many entries have now one or more categories, this a convenient way to find information you are looking for and also to have a global vision of a particular subject. You can start browsing categories here, you can help by adding relevant categories (or creating new ones) to the List of uncategorized pages.

Article in

6th October. 2006

Adempiere gets another mentioning in the german IT portal, translation here.

--Goanookie 21:28, 7 October 2006 (BST)

Top 10 in SourceForge

30th September, 2006

The ADempiere Project races towards the top ranks in SourceForge Most Active Listing like a wild bull run. It manages an 11th spot on 27th September, and hits 9th today. All this hardly within 3 weeks from its inception. Usage Statistics For Adempiere

Post-note: We have gone on to be next to Open Bravo, at 5th and we at 6th for the 3rd day running. We shall overtake it soon!

Red1 05:15, 6 October 2006 (BST)

Press Release

22nd September, 2006


After just 3 weeks of community work, Adempiere surprised followers and outsiders by releasing its first deliverable today at the Project SourceForge website Adempiere SourceForge website.

(submitted by Rvergara)

MySQL Port

21st September, 2006

The earth-moving database independence task has taken a quantum leap today with the Compiere MySQL - port making its debut via Michael Judd, of JazTek, United Kingdom.

(submitted by Red1)

Migration Script

15th September, 2006

The seminal migration script from version to version of Compiere is started by [[User:Kthiemann|Karsten-Thiemann, assisted by Carlos Ruiz and tested by Colin Rooney.

(submitted by Red1)

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