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Purpose of the Chart of Accounts

Chart of Accounts Design

  • The COA as found in ADempiere is in the form of an excel spreadsheet where users can adapt to their own format.
  • It can then be saved as a comma separated value file or accting.csv and imported into ADempiere.
  • Daniel Norin has created a nice COA Editor to access that csv file to change or create a new COA without looking at the excel file.
  • The COA follows accounting classifications underlying General Accepted Principles of Accounting (GAAP) in practice throughout the world.

Summary List of COA

  • Here we lay out the general structure of the COA by displaying only the top level summary elements.
Account Value Account Name Account Type
1 Assets Asset
2 Liabilities Liability
3 Owner's Equity/Net Worth Owner's Equity
4 Sales Revenue
5 Cost of Goods Sold Expense
6 Expenses Expense

Field Descriptions


       Column         |            Type             |          Modifiers           

i_elementvalue_id     | ID for import processing
ad_client_id          | Client ID
ad_org_id             | Organisation ID
isactive              | Is Active flag
createdby             | Adempiere core field
created               | Adempiere core field
updated               | Adempiere core field
updatedby             | Adempiere core field
i_isimported          | Flag for import processing
i_errormsg            | Error message if import failed
c_element_id          | Element ID - see c_element
elementname           | Element Name
c_elementvalue_id     | Internal Element ID 
value                 | Account "Natural" code
name                  | Account Name      | 
description           | Account description
accounttype           | Account classification - A = Asset, L = Liability, E = Expense, R = Revenue, O = Owners Equity, M = Memorandum 
accountsign           | 
isdoccontrolled       | If the account is document controlled, users are unable to post directly to the account (you must post documents and they post to the account)
issummary             | If the account is a summary account then it is a header / total of the children accounts
parentvalue           | character varying(40)       | 
parentelementvalue_id | Parent node reference
postactual            | Is the user allowed to post actual values? (Y/N)
postbudget            | Is the user allowed to post budget values? (Y/N)
poststatistical       | Is the user allowed to post statistical values? (Y/N)
postencumbrance       | Is the user allowed to post encumbrance values? (Y/N)
default_account       | 
ad_column_id          | 
processing            | Flags for import processing
processed             | Flags for import processing

COA Import File

  • Account value - unique ID of the account
  • Account name - short name of the account
  • Account description - a description of the account
  • Account type - type of the entries written to this account (Asset/Liability/Owner's Equity/Expense/Revenue/Memo)
  • Account sign - Natural(+/-)/Debit(-)/Credit(+)
  • Document controlled - if yes, then it is not possible to post manually to this account
  • Summary account - No entries can be posted to this account, this is a summary of the subaccounts. All entries have to be submitted to the subaccounts
  • Default account - ?
  • Account parent - Summary account where the entries of this account are summarized to
  • Balance sheet - ?
  • Balance sheet name - ?
  • US 1120 Balance Sheet - ?
  • US 1120 Balance Sheet Name - ?
  • Profit&Loss - ?
  • Profit&Loss Name - ?
  • US 1120 Income Stmt - ?
  • US 1120 Income Stmt Name - ?
  • Cash Flow - ?
  • Cash Flow Name - ?
  • tri (only in definition csv/xls) - ?

Common Errors in Design