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Every record can have a file attachment and notes added to it.


Icon: Icon Attachment24.png
Menu: →Attachment }}{{#if: | → }}{{#if: | → }}
Short Cut: F7



When you select a record and click the Attachment Icon Icon Attachment24.png, the Attachment dialog opens as shown below.




The dialog has two panes: a display pane on the left which will show information about the attachment and display it if possible and a text note common to all attachments on the right. From this dialog you can

  • Icon Import24.png Load an attachment
  • Icon Delete24.png Delete the attachment
  • Icon Export24.png Save the attachment to file
  • Icon Edit24.png Open an attachment using the default handlers for that type of file/extension
  • Select the attachment to display using the combo box if there are more than one.

On the bottom of the dialog is another Delete button which will delete all the attachments.

The Cancel and Confirm buttons will cancel changes and save the changes respectively.




For Developers

The software the controls this dialog is found in

  • base/src
  • client/src