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                    **Integrating Adempiere with Pentaho Open BI Suite**
                                      (Soheil Qanbari)

                         Pentaho - Open Source Business Intelligence
        Pentaho covers all aspects of Business Intelligence (BI) functionalities including 
                integration, mining, reporting, and analysis on data as well as dashboards and a 
                Business Intelligence platform. Pentaho Foundered by a highly cultivated 
                team.Pentaho is focusing on the Solution Oriented Architecture, Pentaho includes 
                a BI platform which covers most business objects.Pentaho's technologies support 
                an expand horizon of business dimensions processes like quote to cash or 
                requisition to pay, from manufacturing action controls, customer analysis, HRMS 
                reporting,Financial analysis and reporting, KPI dashboards, Supply Chain 
                Processes analytics,cube and dimensional analysis.
        I am focusing on the predective analysis and also a dimentional analysis of the 
         transactions.Cubes in an Adempiere can be a sales, time or cost which can be analyzed on 
         dimensions like customer, projects and campaigns as well.Pentaho has sort of benefits 
         that fits our goals and approaches like:
* The first and only community Based Open Source Business Intelligence. * Enterprise-class reporting, analysis, dashboard, data mining as well. * The BI platform which is definitely & respectfully integrated BI with Workflow Mgmt. * Including Cube and Report Designer. * Meta Data Based Solution * By Integration with workflow we have key performance metrics which has been cooperated with the business processes. * Includes Data Integration * The BI Platform that its architecture supports Web Services as well.
           The Pentaho BI Project encompasses the following major application areas: 
* Reporting * Analysis * Dashboards * Data Mining * Workflow * BI Platform
  Pentaho Projects 
Pentaho is the sponsor and owner of other open source projects. These projects provide components and functionality integrated with the Pentaho BI Platform. * Mondrian - Open Source OLAP Server * JFreeReport - Open Source Reporting * Kettle - Open Source Data Integration (E.T.T.L.) * Pentaho - Comprehensive Open Source BI Suite * Weka - Open Source Data Mining
                                  RoadMap In Progress
  Now i am focusing on the proper Roadmap for Integrating Adempiere with Pentaho Open BI Suite.So
      kindly please help the community to design a firm road for this integration to be well 
      designed in the Adempiere map.