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Report: Inventory Valuation Report

Description : Inventory Valuation Report

Help : Report lists products with their on-hand quantity and values at the valuation date. In addition to several prices, standard costs and an optional other cost element is used to calculate the inventory of the particular warehouse.

Class Name: org.compiere.process.InventoryValue ReportView Name: RV_T_InventoryValue

ManPageR InventoryValuationReport.png


Name Description Help Technical Data
Warehouse Storage Warehouse and Service Point The Warehouse identifies a unique Warehouse where products are stored or Services are provided. M_Warehouse_ID


Currency The Currency for this record Indicates the Currency to be used when processing or reporting on this record C_Currency_ID


Price List Version Identifies a unique instance of a Price List Each Price List can have multiple versions. The most common use is to indicate the dates that a Price List is valid for. M_PriceList_Version_ID


Valuation Date Date of valuation DateValue


Cost Element Product Cost Element M_CostElement_ID