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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.

Accounting Overview

Accounting is a major and highly integrated component of the Adempiere solution. Accounting issues are complicated by a range of national & international legal and statutory requirements and business practice issues.

The Accounting pages documents how Adempiere Professionals have developed and adapted techniques to meet these requirements.

The accounting pages are currently maintained Michael Judd (except where pages are explicitly maintained by other people). I have proposed that the Adempiere community form an Accounting Focus Group who, when formed, will undertake the responsibility of maintaining these pages in the future.

Accounting Focus Group

The Accounting Focus Group (AFG) is a voluntary group of people who focus on the challenges presented by all facets of accounting including financial controls, financial reporting, management reporting, costing and other regulatory requirements.

The group acts as a central hub for knowledge excellence in Adempiere. The AFG will consider any Accounting issues raised by the community, discuss and propose resolutions to these and interface with the development team to integrate there work in to the ongoing development of the accounting facets of Adempiere.

Currently, nominations are sought for people to serve on the AFG. You can nominate yourself by sending an email to Micahel Judd (michael.judd at

It is proposed that the group meet monthly by IRC and then informally as required.

Accounting Issues

At the Berlin Conference, Michael Judd facilitated a workshop considering the various aspects of Accounting and how Adempiere satisfied these areas. The workshop was able to identify some areas where Adempiere's Accounting functionality could be strengthened and the community recognised the need to address these in the following priority:

  • VAT/IntraStat - Hot
  • Costing - Hot
  • Reporting/Tracing Journals - Hot

  • Cost center - Warm
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting - Warm
  • Budgetting - Warm
  • Forecasting - Warm
  • Multi Accounting schemas - Warm

  • Accounting standards - Cold
  • Triple Bottom Line - Cold
  • Custom exports/imports - Future

It is proposed that these items are adopted as the AFG's priorities

Accounting Topics

Accounting issues are classified under the following subject areas:

Accounting General

Financial Controls

Management Reporting

Financial Reporting

Statutory & Regulatory Issues

Accounting Engine & Technical Issues