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Technologies Used

Before forking from Compiere, this ERP System is already using:

  • Java SE from version 1.4
    • Java WebStart client
  • JBoss Application Server
  • Oracle Database with embedeed PL/SQL
  • Jakarta Ant for executing XML build scripts.
  • JSP at HTML client

After forking and now at this latest version 353a (December 2008), additional improvements:

  • Java version 5 and 6
    • Persistence Model improvement towards JPA
  • JBoss to date version
    • AS Independence with Glassfish
  • DB Independence with PostgresSQL
    • PL/SQL and P/SQL independence (replaced by functions)
  • ZK Ajax for Rich HTML User Interface
  • JasperReports for more versatile reporting engine
  • Beanshell, Python and Groovy Callout Scripting
  • OSGI Plugin Model (introduction stage)