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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a repository to contribute the answers to the frequently asked questions in sourceforge forums.

Please don't ask questions here - answers must be from the most common questions on forums.


Q: I have this problem (generic)
Are you sure you have already searched the proper resources?
Before posting a forum message or opening a tracker, please search information about your issue with these links:
Note.gif Note:

Recommendation, bookmark all those links in a firefox folder, and when looking for an issue use the firefox tool "Open all in tabs".

Also, don't forget to search this wiki. You can search by term, or look at the special pages, like the categories, to find information.

Q: Which are the user and password to enter into the "out of the box" installation?
Find the answers here: Logging In to the Client
Q: How can I create a new client?
Please check this Manual Page for Initial Client Setup
Q: How can I find out what error has occured?
Adempiere has several possibilities for finding out what went wrong.
  • Starting Adempiere from a console, you'll see log messages on it. The granularity of the log messages can be controlled via menue Tools/Preference. There you select the desired trace level.
  • If you check the check box "Trace file" in menue Tools/Preference, you'll find the log in $ADEMPIERE_HOME/log
  • In Adempiere, menue Tools/Preference, tab "errors" also contain information about errors.
  • The bottom-left button "Notice" in Adempiere main window shows mostly accounting machine error messages. There is a reference to the documents involved. These messages are also seen on the Application Server console.
  • If you start a process (like "Complete"), you'll find error messages on the bottom-left side of the corresponding window, like "Period closed" in a Sales Order.
  • If you start a process and it is aborted for whatever reason, you can find the process involved and the errors; you can even abort the process. In order to achieve this, select icon "Processes involved"in the error window, then navigate in the "Workflow Process" window. You can abort the process in the "Process" tab, "Reference", button "Manage Process".
  • If you work with Eclipse, you'll see log messages on the console view.
Note.gif Note:

IMPORTANT: When asking for support in forums you'll get better attention if you post the log somewhere for people to check. If the log is too big to be copied in a forum the recommendation is to open a support tracker and attach the log there.


Q: Where are the translation tabs?
You must check the "Show translations" in Tools -> Preference. Also for some tables (like product) you must enable multi-language document in http://www.adempiere.com/index.php/ManPageW_Client#Window:_Client


See FAQ Accounting

Business Partners


Q: "Product is not on PriceList"
The price lists are specific to business partner groups. You may have different price lists for each group. Also, for each price list, you can have several versions of the list. The product being sold or purchased must exist on the version of the price list associated with the business partner or you will have to change the price list used on the order/requisition. Also check the valid date from field.
You can add products to specific price list versions through either the Price List >> Version window or the Product >> Price List window.


Security (User/Role related)

Q: I Cannot Add New Record in Role Record Access
Please read the manual page for Record Access Tab

Q: How can I disable parts of the menu?
Adempiere menu options are role based. For example if you want to hide all the HR related options, you will need to disable all the process, windows, forms, workflows related to HR. To do this:
  1. You need to login in your Client to the role window.
  2. Select the role that you want to disable. For example to disable the Payroll Contract Window:
  1. Windows Access:
  2. Select Payroll Contract
  3. Click on the Active checkbox and make sure that it is unselected.
  1. Repeat the same procedure for every single item that you want to disable/enable
Another option is to create new menus - one per role - and assign those to the different roles. Follow these steps:
  1. Login to GardenWorld as GardenAdmin.
  2. A menu is a "tree" so in System Admin->General Rules-System Rules->Tree window create a new tree called "newMenu" select "Menu" for the type.
  3. In the window below that "Tree Maintenance". Select the tree newMenu from the dropdown top left.
  4. Select the menu items on the left and use the arrow to move menu items onto into the menu menu. Be careful because it's not very user friendly and if you make a mistake like hitting the add all button it can be time consuming as you can only add/remove items all together or one at a time.
  5. When you are done with the newMenu open the System Admin->General Rules->Security->Role window. Select the GardenUser role and assign the newMenu by selecting it in the menu Tree.
  6. Logout and login again with GardenUser and you should have the menu as defined by newMenu.


Q: I cannot add a new record in my Window - why?
Possibly the tab is marked to avoid record insertion
  1. Login into "System" Client
  2. Search for your window in "Window, Tab, & Field"
  3. Move and select your tab
  4. Tick "Insert Record" checkbox


Q: Where can I find documentation to help me understand Adempiere's code?
See Developer's Guide by Mario Calderon. Sometimes you better choose another mirror if the default one doesn' work. It is a bit outdated, but helps you understanding the code.
Pelgrim wrote a very detailed graphical description of the classes involved in ADempiere. See his Adempiere Schema.
Also take a look at Developer documentation and Development , Makingsence or Schema spy by Carlos Ruiz.
Compiere Survival Guide by Neil Gordon is eclectic, outdated and about Compiere, but can be helpful because it's also very comprehensive.

Zk Web Client

Q: Which browser is supported?
The primary browser supported is FireFox 3+. Google Chrome is also supported but is not test as often. IE is not supported at the moment as the underlying Zk framework have significant performance problem on IE.