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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.

What Works

  • Login URL is http://<host name>/adempiere/
    • Ensure ADempiere\utils\Server2.bat or .sh service is running first
  • Shows No Database Connection when DB Service is not running. This is correct and prompts you to check the service
    • Server2 needs to restart after belated DB Service start
  • In Client login, selection of Location pulls up the right Warehouse.
  • Different User login is very fast, shows correct Role Access (only authorised items appears in Main Menu)
  • Calendar pop up can allow mouse select date to field, and even Tab, Arrow and Enter keys select
  • Exit Application allows to return to Login screen.
  • Menu Tree able to respond to expand and retract tree behaviour.

What Does Not Work

  • Language selection shows but when selected doesn't pick up the new language labels


  • The menu bar on top is always build new after a selection. Maybe it should be on it's own (frame?)

so it is not always reloaded and build new.