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I'm glad that a newcomer -I mean you at that time- found ADempiere such cosy and firendly and really happy that I could play a part in it :-)
By the way, "Get a real OS" was from kontro :-D
Thank you anyway! --Bahman 05:37, 11 June 2007 (EDT)

Greetings from an unworthy leader

Hi, Anwar S. Just to set the record straight, i was the least and quite an insincere ear to have been any help to u. I in fact made that phone call and then swiftly (as in swissknife) dismiss u almost instantly, thinking that been from Gombak and the client u have is too meagre and small to bother us and merely pointed the door out for you i.e. the online resources. However i made a mistake now in hindsight after reading your praiseful user page and your now constant presence in IRC, flinching that you even have the courtesy to mention me among those who helped you. I kept blaming others to have dismiss me as been from Kuang and here i am 2 kali 5 to another fellow Malaysian. What a gem you are to memaut kepada yang jernih! You seem to have almost caught up with Tim already (another earlier personality that i was also too quick to dismiss)! And now that i have to ask you to partner me in recapping the 2pack tutorial is my only way of compensating my folly! Soon you be making Malaysia proud too as a latest local and even global addition to our marvelous pirate ship i mean bazaar. I can only pray that you are the 'an-nur' of more to come. Malaysia Boleh! Peace! - Red1 11:09, 11 June 2007 (EDT)

AS6 Rocks!

Anwar S. was actually critical to solving some major bugs with Adempiere. One of them was when Anwar validated the XML and founding missing end tags. This helped me to understand a key bug in the 2pack export of Libero. I fixed that. Then on another occasion both Victor and I were looking for a specific test case as to re-create a bug. Anwar beat us all to it and was instrumental in helping me to get that bug fixed. I feel unworthy of his special praise as so many contributors of adempiere have been patient with me. My special thanks go to Victor, Red1, Bahman, CarlosRuiz, kontro, and many others. LONG LIVE ADEMPIERE! Wght