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Postal Code Web Service



Interesting Proposal/Requiremnts

Web Service

1. Products - When entering a new product, call an UPC/EAN webservice ( that validates a product UPC/EAN and populates the item description and trade info (size, weight, etc).

2. Business Partners - When entering a new Business Partner, call a Company Registrar to validate (and populate) company registration / vat numbers and registered address, directors, etc.

3. Credit Checking - When entering a new Business Partner, call a webservice to perform a credit vetting / check after which the report can be populated into a credit check table or attached to the record.

Double UOM

Expectations from Adempreie

* It must be stable. I'm running my business and other's businesses on it and it must not stop working at any time.
* When I upgraded to the 3.52a release the invoices stopped printing due to a bug. To get the invoice printing to work Adempiere must be patched. This shouldn't happen in releases.
* User friendly - If the system isn't user friendly it's harder to convince people to work in it.
* Secure - I posted previously a message about Adempiere being easy to break into and that it can't be on an untrusted network. It's OK to have an insecure application as long as everybody knows it's insecure. For business critical data the implementors must know how to secure Adempiere.

I'm working on the user friendliness part (the Account Editor was the first step) and when I have time I'd like to work on the security part.

One example on how user friendliness can be improved is to increase the searchability
in accounts (you can't zoom to documents from accounts-view today) and make
a really simple form for creating manual general ledger entries. Manual general
ledger entries today are far too much work than what a normal accountant is
used to in other systems.

Posterita WEB POS

CRM systems

Comparison of CRM systems

Localized in Bulgarian

On Demand prising

Interesting news/Forum post regarding CRM systems

 - vi /usr/local/dimdim/Mediaserver/mods/lighttpd.conf and leave port 80 not 81


vi /usr/local/dimdim/ConferenceServer/apache-tomcat-5.5.17/webapps/dimdim/WEB-IN


 - vi /usr/local/dimdim/ConferenceServer/apache-tomcat-5.5.17/webapps/dimdim/WEB

and modifiy port from 80 to 81


locate server.xml and modify port on 81

restart dimdim and go to http://SERVER_ADDRESS:81/dimdim
* NOTE if made this cherrypy dont give error for / at final...

Control port 443 and 1935
The dimdim start well



GIS - Geographic Information System

Monitoring Applications/Systems

Log Analyzer

  • awstats.sourceforge.netAWStats is a free powerful and featureful tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics, graphically.



MFG/MRP - Manufacturing


Manufacturing Terminology

Queue time

Amount of time a person, signal, or thing spends before being attended to, or before value adding work is performed to or on it. In many factories queue time constitutes about 90 percent of the total lead time. It is a subset of cycle time.

Queuing time

The time between the arrival of material at a workstation and the start of work on it

Cycle time

Period required to complete one cycle of an operation; or to complete a function, job, or task from start to finish. Cycle time is used in differentiating total duration of a process from its run time.

Waiting time

Period at job for which an employee is paid but is unable to work due to factors beyond his or her control. Also called allowed time, downtime, or idle time.

ERP Systems

  • Average price of ERP Good article. Shows TCO.
  • S95 The international standard for the integration of enterprise and control systems

  • PostBook Server part build with Postgre SQL procedures.
    • Good points[1]:
      • - Amazing categories in master data setup - accounting and so on.
      • - Very user-friendly forms
    • Weak points:
      • - PostBooks has not workflow (or i could not find it) and ERP system without workflow is meaningless.
      • - Only desktop application
      • - Technical weakness are DB Stored procedures.

Small ERP/POS/MFG/WMS/Billing systems


ERP Requirements

Features that a composite of UK government bodies classified as Mandatory, Highly Desirable and nice-to-have in financial systems. Chapter 9 sets out their requirements on fixed assets. List they came up seems to have general application.

ERP Books

ERP articles

Historic Data

Open Standards

University ERP systems

On Demand ERP systems

Comparison of Open Source ERP Systems



My opinion is that this is very outdated information, but who knows...

  • Interesting posts from Compiere forums
Take over Compiere you need Albert

  • Introduction to CompiereIntersting how people use buzz words like SOA and make produce non true statements. Compiere is not SOA application! Where are the Service in Compiere? Who cares? Important is to make good advertisement :)


  • nice mesage about non existing functionality.
this functionality does not exist in Openbravo standard product. However, this should be a relatively simple extension to build, especially in release 2.50 where there is a full layer of APIs that allow you to read and write transactional data using RESTful web services.

You could also build this functionality as a reusable module and share it with the rest of the community.

OpenBravo POS

  • DB Settings
    • hsqlDB as Standalone Server

MUST Start Hsql Db FIRST!

    • hsqlDB as Embedded Server - 1
jdbc:hsqldb:file:C:\adempiere-cd\workspace\adempiere-stable\Openbravo POS\sampledb\openbravopos-db;shutdown=true 
    • hsqlDB as Embedded Server - 2


Open Compiere

MES - Manufacturing Execution System

WMS - Warehouse Management System


POS Hardware


Tina POS

Weak sides

Questions and Answers

How to add Dual currency?

Web Shops


Summer Cart



Screen capture programs


Installer Programs

Java related

  • JACOBThe JACOB Project: A Java-COM Bridge

  • Calendar
    • Bedework: Open Source Calendar for the Enterprise
    • GCALDaemonOS-independent Java program that offers two-way synchronization between Google Calendar and various iCalendar compatible calendar applications. GCALDaemon is primarily designed as a calendar synchronizer but it can also be used as a Gmail notifier, Address Book importer, Gmail terminal and RSS feed converter.


  • www.laliluna.deDifferent tutorials: Database Layer, Java Persistence, Hibernate,
  • tutorials: Java, Eclipse, Maven, JSF, Hibernate, Spring, HSQL, JSF, Facelets, Spring-JSF
  • www.vogella.deJava Preferences API Tutorial, Java and SAP - Connnecting via the Java Connector (JCo), Programming Mobile Applications with the Java Micro Edition - Tutorial, Developing JavaFX applications with Eclipse - Tutorial

JSRs: Java Specification Requests


Embedded applications/hardware based on java.


  • Hibernate Synchronizer Eclipse plig-in which automatically generate java code when your hibernate mapping files are modified.


DAO - Data Access Object

DAO Frameworks

  • HadesUtility library to work with Data Access Objects implemented with Spring and JPA. The main goal is to ease the development and operation of a data access layer in applications.
  • hibernate-generic-daoGeneric DAO implementation: extendable, detailed search, remote service interface
  • JingDAOJava based DAO framework.
  • FireStorm/DAOCommercial


Dynamic model; Adding columns runtime

Data/Properties Binding

  • Mogwai DataBindingframework to bind Java Beans / Pojo's to Swing visual components. It extends the Swing MVC architecture and supports a Mircosoft Document/View style handling.

Bean Validation

  • OValObject validation framework for Java™ 5 or later

Loggin Frameworks

  • Pax LoggingThe logging support in the standard Log Service of the OSGi specification is minimalistic and not entirely suitable for enterprise applications. This project tries to address this by extending the standard interface with additional interfaces and using a strong logging backend, the Apache Log4J. Pax Logging defines its own API, but more importantly it supports the Log4J and Jakarta Commons Logging APIs as well, making it easy to create bundles that use these common APIs, either directly in new code or indirectly from inside 3rd party libraries.

Beautiful Code

Java Tips

  • Iterating through entries of Map or EntrySet
// Assuming map = Map<String, String>
for (Iterator iter = map.entrySet().iterator(); iter.hasNext();)
    Map.Entry entry = (Map.Entry);
    String key = (String)entry.getKey();
    String value = (String)entry.getValue();
  • Parsing date with java DateFormat
  DateFormat df = DateFormat.getDateTimeInstance(DateFormat.SHORT, DateFormat.SHORT, Locale.ENGLISH);
  df.parse("02/20/08 10:10 pm"); // Works
  df.parse("02/20/08 10:10"); // Fails


WidgetServer is a component based, server-side, Java/XML rich-client-framework which enables an application to run as either

- an application with a rich Web client based on AJAX (HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript)
- an application with a simple Web client based on HTML and CSS
- a standalone application with a Swing GUI,
- a client/server application with a thin Swing client,
- or a mobile application on different devices like PDAs or Smartphones
  • Roma FrameworkRoma allows you to develop enterprise level Java applications with low effort following a real Domain Driven Design approach.
  • Woko extensible Object-Oriented Wiki, where you don't browse or edit pages, but objects ! It's a mix of pure OOP, a generous portion of Domain Driven Development, a slice of good old MVC, and lots of other ingredients, all served hot in your browser.
  • Qi4jQi4j is an implementation of Composite Oriented Programming, using the standard Java 5 platform, without the use of any pre-processors or new language elements.
  • Apache CXFAn Open Source Service Framework. CXF helps you build and develop services using frontend programming APIs, like JAX-WS. These services can speak a variety of protocols such as SOAP, XML/HTTP, RESTful HTTP, or CORBA and work over a variety of transports such as HTTP, JMS or JBI.

Pivot Framework

  • PivotPivot is an open-source framework for building high-quality, cross-platform applications that are easily deployable both via the web and to the desktop.
  • Pivot ToolkitAn open-source framework for building high-quality, cross-platform applications that are deployable both via the web and to the desktop. It began as an R&D effort at VMware but has now been made available to the community as an option for developers who want to build rich internet (RIA) applications in Java.

Eclipse Riena


  1. Built-in security. Integrated with ACEGI Security and pre-configured.
  2. Support for CRUD pages. Uses JPA/Hibernate for CRUD operations.
  3. Search By Example. CRUD pages includes built-in search criteria.
  4. Audit Logging. Entities can be easily audited.
  5. Email notification. Email notifications and alerts are pre-configured.

Spring Integration


  • ImpalaA dynamic module framework for Java-based web applications, based on the Spring Framework. With a focus on simplicity and productivity, Impala radically transforms application development using Spring and related technologies, such as Hibernate, JMX, and other technologies.



Apache Beehive


  • MD4JMD4J is a passive, model driven, extensible J2EE webapp generator. Currently Hibernate 3 mappings are supported as input, with EJB 2.1, Struts 1.x and JSP 2.0 as output for CRUD and Search operations with patterns like MVC, DAO and SessionFacade. Ant task included.


CRUD Frameworks


Test Frameworks

GUI Test Frameworks

  • QF-Test
  • Marathon is a simple, flexible and extendable tool that assists in developing automated test suites for Java/Swing applications.

Web UI Test Frameworks

Design Patterns, Design metrics, QA, UML

  • JDepend JDepend traverses Java class file directories and generates design quality metrics for each Java package. JDepend allows you to automatically measure the quality of a design in terms of its extensibility, reusability, and maintainability to manage package dependencies effectively.


Java and IM

Notification/IM Programs

  • SnarlWindow based notification proglram like Growl.


IRC Log Analyzers

  • pisgLogfile analyzer. Statistics Generator.

IRC Articles

Java Content Repository API


CI - Continuous Integration

DI (Dependency Injection) or IoC (Inversion of Control)

Java Graph/Report packages

  • Linguine MapsProvides clean object-oriented diagramming API for graph visualization. It visualizes Apache Ant files, Hibernate and Apache Object Relational Bridge mapping files, DTD's for XML and more.

  • Grappa Java Graph Package; Has Java Applet which allows edit of graph.

  • Export Swing components to PDFUse JFreeChart and iText to draw charts
  • PDFBoxOpen source Java PDF library for working with PDF documents. This project allows creation of new PDF documents, manipulation of existing documents and the ability to extract content from documents. PDFBox also includes several command line utilities.

Java Geo Coding

Jave based DEB/RPM produce tools

Plugin articles and frameworks

Java Decompilers

Java GUI

Java GUI Libraries

  • l2fprod.comfree software for the Java platform and others



  • SWT SnippetsSnippets are minimal stand-alone programs that demonstrate specific techniques or functionality


DMS - Document Management Systems




CMIS - Content Management Interoperability Service

File Format conversion

  • RTF to text file

CMS - Content Management Systems

Java based

CMS that Run on Google AppEngine

PHP based

  • Shorty Simple tool for creating shorter, human- readable links from long URLs. PHP based.

Eclipse IDE and Applications build on Eclipse

Eclipse Articles and Tutorials

Script Languages

Eclipse plugin

Java FTP Libraries and Articles

Posts regarding FTP and SSL

Commercial which support FTPS (FTP Over SSL)

FTP Services providers