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..:: Welcome To MyWiki - Ijam_duo ::..

Hi I'am Ijam

A little bit of my self  ;)

  • Name: Mohd Hasrizam bin Hasan
  • Nick Name :Ijam
  • DOB  :5th June 1981
  • Age  :26
  • Interest  :Make friend, exploring new thing mostly on scripting on WWW
  • HomeTown  :Malaysia, Terengganu
  • Vision  :to be the best of the best and never give up learn and share as much as you can

Story Of My Life

Near Pulau Kambing

Hi Everyone, I'am ijam, here I want to share a little bit of my story, on how I got here in the first place. I'am graduted for my degree about 5 years ago, after I got my scroll I'am very happy and feel that the suffer and struggling for about 5 years studying for my diploma and degree finally over and I'am free. But after a while I realize that my struggling is just about to start, about almost 2 years I've been unemployed. I feel frustrated at first and almost give up. But I told my self I need to do something, something that would make me valuable.

Then I took a training program on Fiber Optic I learn about new things and get experience from that but it not suite with my soul because it very technical, fortunately after I finish that training Terengganu State is offering a training on content development which called M2farm@Terengganu. Then I enter the training program as a Multimedia Programmer. I used Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver while I was in the training session. I gain more and more experience and more valuable then before.

After a while I got an offer from University of Darul Iman at Kuala Terengganu, Gong Badak as a part time tutor. I accept the job and without any experience in teaching, It kind a chellanging for me to commit the responsible to lecture other so they can understand what I'am lecturing at.

After my contract ended, I got a call from mr Red1, by that time I don really know who is this person, he told about RedPear and lava software Sdn.Bhd and then I make some research about that, then adempiere come out of my research. At the same time I got and offer as the IT trainer/IT technician at the Cosmopoint College, then mr Red1 told all of his vision and give some motivation for me that make me impress and not only that he also open up my mind to look something differently. I took the advice and I feel very lucky to get an opportunity to be his apprentice I learn a lot from him and the most important is about my attitude to never give up easily he also advice me to be in this forum so I can be more visible and learn more about adempiere, because I'am newbies for this system but I'll be expert someday I hope we can learn and share with each other at the same time support the open source project no more microsoft enough already!! ;)

Learning Progress

Beutiful SunSet

Maintain by Ijam duo

Replication Module


Technical and Adempiere Training

Let's Learn together SHARE with me


Link TO the journey

Problem & Solution

I had a problem using 2pack before this but thank to bojana and gody for helping me out here is the solution given by them:

Accounting Part

Here I learn a littel bit about accounting which could give more understanding about accounting part in adempiere - accountingPart