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Hello Adempiere World.

We have successfully implemented Adempiere ERP at our factory in Riyadh-KSA. We started in Jan 2011 our live implementation.We have crossed a long way to do that. We could utilize basic Adempiere functionality for our business requirements. For any person who is interested in implementing Adempiere from scratch to go-live, I will write here. We have added new windows, tables & classes. We have tuned some existing classes to match our requirements and sometimes to solve some bugs. I will write here by example most of our developments. Also, we are starting the development of Post Dated Cheques and Letter of Credits ( for purchase & sales ). Who are interested , they can read here. any comments for my work here will be highly appreciated.

Our base for implementation was 3.6 LTS. I will re-do the work with 3.7. During this I will test again all the basic functionality.

Azzam Ahmad

I will documenting some tips and hints from my experience with Adempiere . I will cover :-

Adempiere Installation on Windows + Oracle

Updating from Trunk - How to

Migration Scripts - Best Practices

Tips & How to

Middle East Basic Business Requirements

Post Dated Cheques

Letter Of Credits

Adempiere Implementation - By Example

Phase 1.Pre-installation Steps

Business Requirements

Gap Analysis

Preparing User Profiles

Basic Printed Formats & Simple Audit Trail Reports

Migration Legacy Data

Preparing Basic Functionality

Fine Tuning Windows / Reports & Processes


Phase 2.Installation

End User Training

End User Feedback & Customizations

Go Live Support

Phase 3.Building Reports & Tuning Business