Usability Guidelines

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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.

Work in progress

  • Distribution of fields in common windows
    • First line Client and Organization on the same line
    • Next line Value (if applicable) half sized
    • Next line Name (if applicable) full size
    • Next line Active
    • Next line Description
    • Next line Comment/Help
  • Distribution of fields in doc windows
    • Group must be placed before the object belonging to the group.
      When we have Group and record belonging to the Group, then Group must be first. after that record on the same line.
      Example: Sales Order line: Product group, next field is Product.
  • Element Description and Help must be ALWAYS filled
    • description is a short phrase describing the usage of the field
    • help is a long description trying to explain the functionality. Help should anticipate what trouble the user is having. Help can describe some example and also include tips to avoid troubles.
  • When adding a column, verify that the element description and help is correct for the column you're adding - if it's not then you must add a new element