Trunk bugfix merges from Adempiere34 stable branch

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Bug Fix merges from Adempiere34 -> trunk

On this page we should describe which revisions we merged from Adempiere34 to trunk and other release branches.

adempiere34 trunk description
4769 - branch created branch split
4770 - prepare for 3.4.0 do not apply
4783 - merge BF from trunk do not apply <=bug fix from trunk -r 4768:4782
4795 - merge BF from trunk do not apply <=bug fix from trunk -r 4783:4794
4820 - merge BF from trunk do not apply <=bug fix from trunk -r 4804:4813

From trunk to stable bug merges HOWTO

We now have an example, how to make bug fix merge, if bug fix is made in trunk and we wont to merge it into stable release. Teo has put some fixes into trunk, between revisions 4768 and 4782.

First we found out from log between which releases changes were actually made:

cd trunk
svn log | less

Second we review the changes made, so we can decide if it is right to put them into stable release:

svn diff
  • Check out branches/adempiere34
  • cd into adempiere34 directory

Now its the time to merge above fixes into our local stable branch:

svn merge

Output of the command should be:

U    client/src/org/compiere/grid/ed/
U    client/src/org/compiere/grid/ed/

Output of svn status should now includes:

M      client/src/org/compiere/grid/ed/
M      client/src/org/compiere/grid/ed/

And to check if diff are OK you can do :

svn diff client/src/org/compiere/grid/ed/
svn diff client/src/org/compiere/grid/ed/

When we are sure merges are OK (compile, eventualy test functionality) we can do commits:

svn commit client/src/org/compiere/grid/ed/ client/src/org/compiere/grid/ed/