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Question & Answer for Translation Project

  • You are welcome to join ADempiere Translation Project!
  • Wish you all success in ADempiere translation & localization!

What is


  • I see you talk about I look at it. It looks like a directory website, isn't it?


  • Launchpad is quite like Launchpad is a unique collaboration and hosting platform for software projects.
  • You can see detail in
  • I am sorry , I don't know what is "directory website".

Relation between Launchpad & ADempiere ?


  • I am still confused what is the relation between Launchpad and ADempiere translation?


  • Oh, how do you think of the relation between and ADempiere?
  • Like, is a web site for project hosting. Just as we can build ADempiere project on, we can also build project on
  • We have tried the translation on launchpad, and think it is good. so we build "ADempiere ERP Localization" for it.
  • you can see detail in

What is tool4po ?


  • You talk about a tool "tool4po", what is it? Is it a software?


  • tool4po is a tool for file format convertion between ADempiere language package and PO file format.
  • tool4po is a script developed using python3.1.
  • Hmm, you may call it a simple or smart software if you wish.
  • you can see detail in TranslationProject#tool4po_2

How about my existing translations?


  • I have a good amount of translation in PostgreSQL. How can I use it?


  • It is a nice question! Of course, you can use it.
  • Step 1. Export language packs from you database.
    • you need export 2 packs:
      • English: "en_US"
      • Your local language: "**_**" (example, "zh_CN" for Chinese , "de_DE" for German)
    • There are 2 methods to export:
      • 1. RUN_TrlExport.bat /
      • 2. Use "Translation Import/Export" window. You can refer this link for related information: Language_Pack_Installation
  • Step 2. Get PO files using "tool4po".
  • Step 3. Upload PO files to your local language branch in

How to quick start


Meanwhile i hope you can guide me on my works since i am still a newbie here.thanks.


  • First, you can go around, try to do some translation.
    • you can visit ubuntu translation project:

    • Here is Mayla:

    • Here is Thai

  • Second, you can search any local language teams setuped in, you can see how they are can also contact them if you have any question.
  • Third, you can google the user guide of which is written in your local language.

How to setup your own local language


> i will work on Malay translation,which is have not been establish here yet.

> Have you been contacted for Thai language? Can we start?


  • Yes , you can estable Malay / Thai branch. There 3 ways to create:

3. Simple way.

    • You can ask me to create local language for you.


  • 1. It is clever to upload existing translation of your local language to So that duplicate efforts will be avoided. You can do this by using the 'get-po' function of tool4po. The Japanese team has done it beautifully.