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The requriements are filling out well Joel!

Might I add a few comments....

take a call or email from the customer, and issue them an RMA number

it's not mentioned in the requirements, but I imagine that most (or we would like most) manage this initial contact with the customer using the Requests functionality. There, we will, potentially, have already captured BP and Order and/or Shipment and/or Invoice and/or product. It would be very nice if we could use this information. I might be straying into the Functional Spec aspects, but I think an additional context-menu (i.e. right-click) option on the RMA field to “Create New” would be useful... if it pulls in the available data on the Request. It would also be extremely useful if “activities” related to the RMA updated the Request!

The amount to be credited should be looked up from the unit price on the invoice, if no invoice then order

If there is no invoice should we be creating a credit memo?

Tracking Shipment

I feel we should move away from the current idea of the return being a kind of reverse shipment and manage the receipt process as a Receipt, i.e. the same window is used to receive a vendor shipment as a customer return. Of course it is managed different after receipt and behind the scenes ok with a new doc type as you propose. But, at least, the initial receipt is most likely handled by the same people who handle all other receipts.

Question: how should product costing be effected by such a transaction?

if the item needs to be scrapped, use internal use

I imagined our new return receipt document would nearly HAVE to be a doctype with a required confirmation process. So the receipt occurs as per normal, but it must be inspected (as can occur now with with a receipt requiring confirmation) by the Customer Returns people... and here the decision to scrap or not occurs? There is already a qty scrapped field there!

replacing: Record the new Order ID in the RMA record for reference

And the RMA number in the Order Reference. This field is simply text; we cannot use it to zoom but at least it's some reference. But it would be nice to “zoom” somehow.


  • The currently RMA lines do not seem to be able to capture attributes such as Serial Number (or any other attribute for that matter)... I would have thought this a common requirement.
  • Another "nice" thing would be an alert of some type if the goods do not arrive from the customer within a specified number of days? Perhaps we can use the Requests for this process? Setting the next action date? maybe this is a procedural issue rather than a technical one??

--Croo 05:49, 23 March 2007 (EDT)

Status What is the status of RMA task?

--Trifon 11:49, 27 April 2007

WorkAround: Jab Doa: as moyses says in the forums .. this work around would create the wrong GL postings... namely it does NOT decrease the Cost of Goods Sold and DOES increase the value of (AP) uninvoiced receipts. This is incorrect so I do not think this is a valid work around (unless you are referring to the code changes suggested by Armin? which would be ok) --Croo 14:40, 1 May 2007 (EDT)

Cost of Gods Sold?! Now, now, Colin, i know they're just genes, u're not in the clone market are u? - Red1 02:43, 2 May 2007 (EDT)
lol - opps... i think many people are in the "God" selling business... but I'm not so sure they know the cost though. :) --Croo 03:12, 2 May 2007 (EDT)
yeah, and it carries a Cathedral tax! - Red1


This is a feature that would be well recieved in my company. I'll talk with the higher ups and see if we can help sponser it. - Joseph Brower

Hayder's remarks...

Hi all

The RMA feature is amazing. I just have one more point. That I also showed in another thread about scanning inventory.

Basically for many companies 'items' are high value components and in RMA they need to be tracked by their INDIVIDUAL serial numbers for verifying their warranty status and for tracking the lifecycle of the high value inventory.

This is applicable to all high value components. e.g. mobile phones computers TVs Stereos Aircraft components Car engines / transmissions


so there really is a major generic requirement to track components by individual serial number, and to be able to track large batches of individual components in a single transaction. i.e. an RMA for 30 plasma TVs or 1000 faulty engines supplied to OEM.