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It is not clear to me if Libero does the following:

  • Creation of work orders based on sales orders, minimum inventory, etc... automatically
  • Automatic creation of purchases orders based on demand, and isolation of inventory that are used in work orders

Can anyone help me to understand this?

Hi Tim Wight, now an old question but i like to answer in general. SO can generate PO (Purchase Order) and that is convertible as a WO (Work Order) trigger, as it issues to a vendor supplier to fulfill the product(ion) needs. The vendor can be an internal work centre. The product can be a BOM where its child products are the raw ingredients needed by the work center. Been segregated according to individual raw products over a shop-floor schedule can allow it to isolate for the fulfilment by the storehouse. - Red1 23:27, 15 June 2007 (EDT)