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Hi Kittu,

You are initiating a valued document for Fixed Assets. As you know, fixed assets is a wide subject . To start using this module, I suggest to concentrate first on basic functionalities that are mostly required. Excuse me, to give some hints and tips here :

- Asset Creation : Basic fields that define the asset : Asset types, Purchase amount, Depreciation method, depreciation rate, ..etc.
- Import Assets : How import current fixed assets ( as opening balance ) with basic data like asset code, desc., opening balance amount, opening balance date, ...etc. The net figure of assets should be reflected as accounting entry .
- Assets Transactions : 1. Assets Purchase 2. Assets Sales 3. Assets Disposal 4. Assets Physical inventory.
- Assets Reports : The main asset report the lists assets with : Asset code, desc, purchase date, purchase amount,depr. rate, accumulated depreciation up to now, this month depr., asset net value. Assets disposed or soled it should show date disposed/doled..etc
- Period transactions : for example companies which make monthly depreciation, list of assets at the end of the month to be taken Depreciation  amount for that month to be posted to accounts.

The basic criteria here is the asset valuation report should match with assets accounts value.

I think by this companies can have a control on their assets.




Thank you Azzam

Thank you!, I will take a look at them. I am still new to this module, keep learning it now.