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Some Chat

[2:04pm] muthah: prefer deb
[2:04pm] muthah: since most people start from ubuntu and then you can use alien to convert to other formats like rpm
[2:10pm] satyag: red1, muthah does eclipse spit .deb ?
[2:10pm] satyag: or can it?
[2:11pm] muthah: no!
[2:11pm] satyag: ok
[2:11pm] • satyag thinks that could one plugin project
[2:11pm] • satyag doing a lookup on it
[2:15pm] selpiso left the chat room. ("Leaving")
[2:16pm] satyag: what i understand of Ad so far is it uses ant for builds?
[2:16pm] red1: yes satyag
[2:17pm] satyag: is there a way to shove some .xml there to build .deb
[2:17pm] satyag: one more approach
[2:17pm] red1: newbie here
[2:17pm] satyag: will look into all this
[2:17pm] red1: i just know how to run the .sh file toh
[2:17pm] red1: its
[2:18pm] red1: and it creates
[2:18pm] red1: just basic settings
[2:18pm] red1: db string.. passwd
[2:18pm] red1: is where the action is
[2:19pm] satyag: will look up later
[2:19pm] red1: the binary has its folders and jars there with Jboss in
[2:19pm] satyag: right now i am looking most optimal way
[2:19pm] satyag: in the process looking at options
[2:19pm] red1: run_setup sort of package the jboss jarsigning
[2:20pm] red1: before that u need to install std Java, PostgreSQL, and put the adempiere binary in disk
[2:20pm] red1: 2) RUN_setup
[2:20pm] red1: 3)
[2:20pm] red1: 3) brings in the starter seed data into DB
[2:20pm] red1: no more pljava
[2:20pm] red1: for PG db
[2:20pm] red1: that was the pain
[2:21pm] satyag: well i am fresh with it so let me nail it too
[2:22pm] muthah:
[2:22pm] muthah:
[2:23pm] johbo left the chat room. (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[2:23pm] muthah: what about the live Adempiere ERP CD
[2:23pm] satyag: can be done