Survey: Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning System is a better solution for the Small-Middle Business

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Eight undergraduate students from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in China have requested assistance with the completion of a summer project. Please help to fill out any answers you may have. The results can also be effective marketing materials.

Letter from the students

Hello ADempiere :

We are eight undergraduate students from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in China.We hold a Summer Project which focus on the open source enterprise resource planning system.As you can hear from some channels that China has changed a lot in recent years,the booming market needs a new method to manage and monitor the enterprise's resource.But the problem is that most companys in China especially small-middle business cant's afford the cost of deployment of ERP software and its service.In addition,they need a easy customized ERP system to deploy.Our project's aim is to find whether there is a way that "Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning System is a better solution to the Small Middle Business company."

We respect your professional attutide and smart technology.So we ask your support for our Summer Project,we believe we can override any obstacles with your experienced advice. In order to get the data and support our survey,please answer the following questions.Thank you for your participating!

Best Regards,

Cosmos Mao Shanghai Universiy of Finance and Economics Summer Project


1. Which do you think is the greatest obstacle for small middle business company's ERP process: deployment cost or failure risk? Or other reasons?

Red1 - Deployment Cost

2. As far as I see that SAP has entered open source ERP market and release several products focus on small middle business company. I want to know what's your solution to compete with such an aggresive competitor? And what's your product's advantages compare to SAP's or Oracle's?

Red1 - To keep implementation knowledge open reduces the bar of adoption. Cheaper to implement.

3. From last year, many masters believed that SOA concept will change the current enterprise's IT architecture and design principles. Do you agree with the opinion that SOA will be leader trend next year and what's your idea of SOA in ERP application?

4. In China we find many people against the security of open source software. They think open source sounds like anyone can look at the source code and find a bug to attack the whole enterprise. They also care about the after download service, it seems that open source software can't provide such service as well as other commercial software companies. What's your idea of that?

Red1 - that is true but it evolves the product faster in removing such threats

5. Our project members are interested in your company's daily operation and organization. We can't imagine how you cooperate with the developers in the community. Could you share some experience to us?

Red1 - Firstly we have to share a common vision of sharing

6. Nowdays open source projects are like bamboo shoots after a spring rain appeared. Many of them a seem alike and provide same function and service. How to handle the homogeneity and according your opinion what's the difference between your project and other open source projects.

Red1 - The bamboo shoots maybe more business-driven in nature, whereas we try to remain community driven.