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This contribution allows you to define a role by adding other roles (called "subroles").

Permissions to windows, processes, non-dynamic windows, workflows, tasks and document actions are then inherited.

This highly increases usability for the administrator when setting up roles as he can define core roles once and re-use them in any combination and nesting.

Furthermore new contributions can provice a sub role that grants access to the needed objects.

The complete code is GPL and comitted to

Forum discussion:


Sponsoring: metas

Concept: Mark Ostermann (metas), Teo Sarca

Implementation: Teo Sarca

Testing: Patrick Sander (metas)

Documentation: Norbert Wessel (metas)


In Window "Role" is a new tab named "Subrole" that allows you to add as many subroles as you want. The sequence defines which subrole rules when there are conflicts in role definitions.

When logging into ADempiere the user only sees the role that he is assigned to and not all subroles. The permission granted in the subset of all roles is merged. If there is a conflict the subrole with higher sequence number is applied.

Deutsche Dokumentation - Rolle verwalten

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