Store's Invoice Pay via HQ's Bank tips (Cross Organization)

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1. Similar to Bank to Bank Transfer Transaction tips (Cross Organization), first we have to create dummy cash book for Store and HQ.

2. For example case, we are going to pay following invoice issued by store :

Store invoice posted.png

3. Go to open items > cash journal, Create new cash journal choose dummy cash book (store), then create new line select invoice cash type, and get the invoice you want to pay.

Cash journal store posted2.png

4. Create another new cash journal, this time use dummy cash book (HQ) instead, create new line and select Bank Transfer type, select HQ's bank and type in the invoice amount ie. 15.9

Cash journal hq posted2.png

5. Go to Open items > View Allocation, verify Step 3. allocation journal.

View allocation store.png

6. Finish it with HQ's bank statement.