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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.
 Historical Document: (for reference only) --Tony 

Create stable branch

Need to resolve all open priority 9 bugs.

Prepare wiki release notes from svn log:

Edit the following source file lines to reflect new release version:


 static public final String MAIN_VERSION = "Release 3.4.0";
 static public final String DATE_VERSION = "2008-02-29";
 static public final String COPYRIGHT = "\u00A9 1999-2008 Adempiere \u00AE";


 <txtFileVersion>Release 3.4.0</txtFileVersion>
 <fileDescription>Adempiere ERP & CRM 3.4.0</fileDescription>
 <txtProductVersion>Release 3.4.0</txtProductVersion>


 <td align="left" valign="middle"><font color="#ffffff" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="4"> 
 Welcome to the Adempiere 3.4.0 Home Page!<br>


 <jnlp spec = "1.5+" version = "3.4.0"
 <title>Adempiere Client 3.4.0 $$context</title>
 <menu submenu="Adempiere 3.4.0 $$context"/>


 <jnlp spec = "1.5+" version = "3.4.0"
 <title>Adempiere Client 3.4.0 @ADEMPIERE_APPS_SERVER@ Direct</title>
 <menu submenu="Adempiere 3.4.0 @ADEMPIERE_APPS_SERVER@ Direct"/>



Create migration scripts to update version information in ad_system table:

AD_SYSTEM table migration script for Oracle

For example:


 SET releaseno = '340', VERSION = '2008-02-29' 
 WHERE ad_system_id = 0 AND ad_client_id = 0;

AD_SYSTEM table migration script for Postgresql

For example:


 SET releaseno = '340', VERSION = '2008-02-29'
 WHERE ad_system_id = 0 AND ad_client_id = 0;

Create the new Oracle seed:

  • RUN_ImportReference
    • This will upload a fresh 'current' seed into the reference schema
  • Apply all migration scripts
    • The scripts need to be applied to reference schema
 If you are using the build.xml script to apply the migration scripts then,
 Edit and change 
 the sqlplus connection string as follows:  
  • Apply the scripts in /migration/processes_post_migration/
    • add missing translations, sync term, check seq
  • Delete the ID's >= 1,000,000 from the database <== need to investigate further
  • RUN_ExportReference
    • This script currently only exists for the linux platforms. (Need to create a windows version)
    • This script exports the reference schema to Adempiere.dmp file
    • and jar's the Adempiere.dmp and Adempiere.log into Adempiere.jar
    • (original notes suggest using an Oracle 9i client to create a 9i compatible dmp file)
  • upload oracle seed into release/data/seed/Adempiere.jar

Create new PostgreSQL seed:

  • Download oracle seed
  • Create the corresponding ddlutils
  • Create the new seed (schema/user adempiere)
  • Export with pg_dump to Adempiere_pg.dmp
  • Jar the Adempiere_pg.dmp into Adempiere_pg.jar
  • Upload postgres seed
    • upload postgresql seed into release/data/seed/
  • NOTE: This could be done in other way, like the oracle seed

Change and compile new Launch4j:

1. Install launch4j 3.x from

2. Open Adempiere.xml from launch4j and start the build process

3. A new Adempiere.exe file will be written into the Release folder.

Generate complete model for new version:

(be careful not to include customizations)

Rename current-release

(i.e. 331b-release) to current-next (i.e. 331b-340)

Create directory next-release

(i.e. 340-release)

Copy release in /tags/adempierenew

i.e. tags/adempiere330 (svn branch/tag)

create new release package on sf

compile the new version to make installer


test an installation with the installer

* Test the install

* Test the webstore

* Test the client

upload to sourceforge

(all, including MD5)





edit english and spanish wikipedia pages

en wikipedia Adempiere

es wikipedia Adempiere

Comparison of accounting software (if stable)

Adempiere J2EE, JBoss October 12, 2006 23:46 3.2.0 May 1, 2007 5 - Production / Stable Oracle, PostgreSQL +10: English, Spanish, Français, ...

edit other languages wikipedia page





prepare a new AVA

Refer to: Howto_Create_AVA

Upload to SF: [1]

Update Live Demo

Webstore Demo

Update Daily Build

Direct script to the new release scripts directory

Edit the file /coredata/adempiere_src/

Change the line

./ [current] [next] < enterkeyinput.txt 1>build.log 2>&1
./ 354a 355a < enterkeyinput.txt 1>build.log 2>&1

Edit freshmeat

Advise Sempre of new release. (Currently administered by sempre)

press release

Advise Ramiro of new release. (Normally Ramiro prepares it as PR)]

change wiki