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Under Proposal (Subject to comment)

  • That the sponsor or developer must enter into a simple contract of their own choosing to govern their schedule, deliverable and terms of payment.
  • That it is encouraged that the sponsor gives some deposit before the developer can begin.
  • That it be desirable that the developer paid is an active and recognised one.
  • That the sponsored product must be contributed to the Bazaar as a usable Release in earnest and not sold off to proprietaryship.
  • That a well tested and delivered product be allowed entry into trunk or strong reasons given if not so.
  • That means the source must be commited, documented and provides migration scripts for sufficient peer review and bazaar testing.
  • That means the developer must assist and garner the bazaar in producing such works if its too much to do at the moment.
  • That if above is complied a promising sponsor must pay the amount s/he stated or else action can be taken against.
  • The same goes for the developer unless s/he inform in the wiki on issues before the delivery dates.
  • That any volunteer that pulls out or unable to be active can have their names removed from the wiki on the tasks they volunteered.

There was a passionate discussion about this topic in forums started by Carlos Ruiz: [1]. In there are many ideas. Hopefully going through them makes us appreciate the challenge and hope of overcoming them.

See also: ADempiere_Best_Practices#Suggestions_about_hiring_sponsored_developments_to_ease_inclusion_in_trunk