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Project Team


Functional Specs


  • to be defined

Review & Testers




  • Inventory UOMs and UOM Conversions is are limiting at the moment:
    • only one uom per product
    • conversion rate only per product
    • conversion rate needs to be entered in both directions
    • no price UOM
    • storage UOM needs to be the smallest UOM
    • ...
  • Extremly important in complex manufacturing

Requirements - First Draft:

Conversion Rates on different Levels


  • System Wide
    • e.g. km -> m -> mm
  • Product Group
    • e.g. conversion based on the "specific weight" of a material of a product group
  • Product
    • e.g. weight of a specific product
  • Lot
    • e.g. product weight differs slightly per lot
  • Handling Unit (we don't have handling units anyway at the moment;-)
    • e.g. product differce slightly per handling unit
  • Material Receipt Level

Solution Proposals

Issues & Discussion

Support for indirect Conversion Rates


e.g. if the conversion rates from mm -> m and the conversion rates from m -> km are available the system should be able to convert mm -> km and the other way

Solution Proposals

Issues & Discussion

UOM Conversion Rates based on Product Attributes and Formulas


  • Example:
    • A printing company orders sheets of paper on pallets.
    • The paper comes on a pallet with a label: 1000 kg, size: 700x1000 mm, Grammage: 80g/m2
    • For further processing the company needs to know the rough number of sheets on the pallet
    • Calculation would be like this:
  • Weight of one Sheet: 700 mm * 1000 mm * 80 g = 56 g
  • It should be possible to have formulas per ProductAttributeSet (?) which calulates the new conversion rate when the Attribute for this product is changed and updates the conversion rate for this product.
  • The product Attributes would be:
    • GRAMMAGE: 80 g
    • SIZE_LENGTH: 700 mm
    • SIZE_WIDTH: 1000 mm

Solution Proposals

Issues & Discussion

Support for three UOMs per Product Inventory Value


at the Moment Inventory is only tracked for one UOM.

  • first/Master UOM:
    • Storage or Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) of a Product.
    • Leading UOM for this product (Costing)
    • e.g. liters of beer
  • 2nd/3rd UOM:
  • e.g. additional Inventory UOM
    • e.g. beer cans
  • e.g. Replenishment UOM - MRP relevant
    • e.g. cartons of beer cans)

details to be added

Solution Proposals

  • BOM UoM (System Standard):
    • Use as account posting and costing UoM
  • To add a new "Stocked UoM" to Product master:
    • User for stocked/assortment UoM
    • e.g. barrel as stocked UoM whereas kg as BOM UoM
    • As a special kind of "Dual UoM" explained below
  • To add a new tab for defining "Dual UoM" in Product Category masters:
    • User can define unlimited no. of "Dual UoM" in Product Category master
    • User choose Product Category in Product master and "Dual UoM" field(s) defined is/are displayed dynamically on header tab or a new tab named "Units of Measure"
    • e.g. Inventory UoM -> can,roll,kg,etc...
    • e.g. Replenishment UoM - MRP relevant -> litre,yard,meter,sheet,etc...
    • e.g. Whatever other UoM for management,query,reporting,etc...

Issues & Discussion

Support for Pricelist UOMs

  • Price UOMs
    • It should be possible to have a price list (sales, purchasing) in a different UOM, than the storage UOMs.
    • It must have a conversion rate defined between pricing UoM defined in a price list and the BOM UoM which is used for shipment/MR or costing/posting.
    • e.g. Pricing UoM is in Dozen and the BOM/Stocked UoM is in Piece.

Storage UOMs not always the smallest UOM

  • There is no general reason for this limitation
  • There can be multiple different UOM in store. eg: You bought 10 boxes including 100 cables each. Most times one box gets unpacked to sell single units and 9 boxes are stored somewhere in the cellar.
  • needs to be discussed further
  • It's no sense to have such limitation.
  • Or it can define a Smallest Stock Unit (SSU) if neccessary

Groups of UOMs

  • Definition of UOM Groups
  • Can be assigned to Product or ProductGroup as allowed Sales/Purchasing/other UOM Group

example to be added

Integration of physical standard UOMs

  • Standard UOMs (e.g. SI UOMs) and there Conversion Rates should be available in the system

example to be added


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