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Begin with the end in mind

My main purpose of travelling is in conformation with the Karma-given wayfaring tradition that if you travel, so shall you be enriched both in provision and wisdom. I hope to learn as much as possible from the community and in return commit those lessons into better tutorials furthering the project. The following dates have been set, tickets been granted and so shall i set sail. I trust the wind.

  • June 1 to 3 - The Malaysian OSCONF that is attended with Kai Schaeffer, who is been invited to speak about ADempiere Deustchland e.V. experience in building the community and ERP business in Germany.
  • June 4 - flew back to Berlin with Kai.
  • June 5 - Arriving in Berlin, Kai took me for a long walk all over Berlin.
  • June 6 - Next morning sent me off at airport. Arrival in London's Heathrow, picked up by Mike Judd.
  • June 7 - After a comfy night in the Judds' smokehouse, on the train to Wolverhampton.
  • June 9 - After 2 days with 8pm, toured Birmingham and flew off to Dublin. Stayed with Colin Rooney in the countryside.
  • June 12 - Dawn wake up in Dublin to fly back to Berlin
  • June 13 - Visited University's Long Night of Science between VP and AeU's Dean.
  • June 13-15 - Spend some days in Potsdam with the open market.
  • June 15 - Rail ride to Luenen City, near Dortmund, at ObjectCode to learn about ADCK and OSGI.
  • June 17 - Rail to Bonn meetup with Metas, some nights along the River Rhein.
  • June 19 - With Mark O, Tobi42 and NWessel on the road to Berlin.
  • June 20 - Round table discussion around the trunk
  • June 21-23 - ADempiere Conference
  • June 24 - Linux Tag, attended Norbert Wessel's presentation on ADempiere
  • June 25 - On the night MJ passed on, Mellow Mark and me finished up an overdue song
  • June 27 - Flew back to Malaysia

Community Comments

Beancounter31: As it was said : "it is the journey that is important, not the destination". Seek and you shall find. I hope you found what you are looking for :-) ~~K.Hee~~