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Powerpoint Overview

  • This powerpoint presentation is created to allow boardroom or lecture presentation about ADempiere
    • Lively intro to the Tao of Open Source - how giving away can brands oneself to be no.1
    • Quick take of the progress of ADempiere ever since formation in September 2006.
    • Important screenshots of site and installer
    • Red1's Open Source Business Model
    • ERP In Essence

This presentation is given as a ppt file so that anyone can amend it for their particular needs. It is always been a constant need for individuals to present about this topic to an audience where the speaker can elaborate on certain aspects of the project as well as challenges it faces. The reason why I (Red1) put this out is to assist you in a quick easy template that you can reuse and extend. You may save a new version elsewhere and provide the link here. You should not replace the original here as it can serve as a basic template. If you think yours is better than we can discuss and later add yours as a different version.

This particular slideshow is titled Tao of Open Source and it has slides that are adapted from Compiere. I will be redoing those ERP In Essence slides so that we need not be infringing copyright issues. Meanwhile be forewarned as you have to seek permission before using those slides.


  • The opening slides were giving me an angle to build good humour and rapport with the audience
    • Tao, Ying/Yang is a deep but lively universal subject where we can draw alot of daily analogies from
    • The principle of giving did indeed brand the giver on the web
    • The 3 ages is rather deeper and it merely demonstrates that its the same principle of human learning that is now conquering the web.
  • The template has screenshots of the front page broken into two slides
    • The site front pages is felt to be important information for the audience without them needing to look up the site
    • It points to some history of the project, where it forked from Compiere and the main players involved
    • Many further developments such as Releases, Addons, and other important events are shown on the front page
    • What is special about this page is that Contributors are named here with links to their emails of sites
  • The project is a record breaker when on the shoulders of a giant, Compiere, it quickly hit the top ten spot within 3 weeks and then no.1 spot in about 100 days.
    • The community rapidly creates its own wiki pages and links to online news shows it quickly becoming another household name with a cause.
  • Total Cost Of Ownership Pyramid is to explain that the playing field has shifted up the value chan
    • Open Source services are more pure consultancy based and no longer utility or product based
    • Higher ground services carriess more branding value potential and of higher costs and long term pipeline
  • Fulfilment Model shows how market uses Open Source
    • DIY and other self help scheme delivers little value at high cost to enterprise setups
    • Enterprise needs are complex and requires a complete package of services
    • Consulting firms can prepare and present such package and brand its quality of service
  • Snapshots of the Installation
    • The community effort in preparing its own rebranded tools to the market rapidly such as Izpak Installer
    • Vision of providing a 100% open source stack in the product suite
  • ERP In Esssence
    • Gives a high level view of ADempiere ERP
    • Shows the integration within the Supply Chain Management
    • Various features of the application

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