Posterita Screenshots

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Main Screens

Image:PosteritaMain.jpg Image:PosteritaClient.jpg

Cash Sales Multiple Discount

Image:cash sales mutl discnt.png

Cash Sales Multiple Discount (Advanced Screen)

Image:cash sales mult discnt advanced.png

Credit Sales

Image:credit sales_new.png

Credit Sales (Drafted Mode)

Image:credit sales_drafted new.png

Settle Payment on Credit sales

Top part of screen

Image:settle payment top.png

Bottom part of screen

Image:settle payment bottom.png

Goods Received Note

Image:goods received note.png

Performance Analysis

Pie Chart

Image:pie chart.png

Bar Chart

Image:bar chart_new.png

Order History

Image:Order History.png

Stock Inquiry

Image:stock inquiry.png

Inventory Adjustment

Image:inventory adjustment.png

Create Customers

Image:create customer.png


View Products

Image:products new.png

Import Products

Image:import product.png

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