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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.

There are a couple of written and unwritten rules Adempiere developers ususally adhere to. The following documents summarize some of these policies. The list is still incomplete. If you are interested in helping out with formulating the Adempiere policies or would like to discuss them please use the discussion page here or post into the Adempiere Developer Forum.

Policies for Developers

These policies apply to Adempiere developers and it is expected that all persons with a Adempiere SVN account follow these policies. The SVN commit policy is the most important one.

SVN Commit Policy

The three golden rules are - make sure it compiles, follow existing coding style and use descriptive log messages. Also, it is important to always include the related tracker number and description in the commit log message.

Licensing Policy

Files in Adempiere SVN cannot be arbitrarily licensed. This policy explains what licenses are allowed in the repository. In short: use LGPL for libraries, GPL for everything else.

Source Documentation Policy

All methods should be completely documented using standard javadoc convention.