PMC QA Meeting 20100602

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Date: 2010-06-02
Time: 12PM GMT
Venue: irc #adempiere-team
Support Spreadsheet: Adempiere PMC QA
Chat times in GMT-5

(06:59:31) mark_o_ [~mark_o_@] entered the channel.
(06:59:53) mark_o_: hi everybody
(07:01:38) CarlosRuiz: Hi Mark, Hi interopen
(07:01:47) mark_o_: hi carlos
(07:02:32) interopen: Hi Carlos
(07:02:37) interopen: Hi Mark
(07:02:50) mark_o_: hi ivan
(07:04:01) interopen: Mark, welcome to QA group, i read your email and find your help very useful
(07:04:24) mark_o_: ivan, nice to meet you
(07:04:40) mark_o_: hope i can help
(07:05:33) interopen: sure, have you review our progress so far here ?
(07:06:45) mark_o_: yepp, thank you. have read some pages since last week about adempiere qa
(07:08:09) mark_o_: are we waiting for others now?
(07:08:18) mark_o_: aor shall we start the meeting?
(07:08:41) interopen: we start the meeting
(07:09:05) interopen: with who are here, there are other members in the group, but not here now
(07:09:28) mark_o_: sunny and milos are the others?
(07:10:14) interopen: yes, sunny work in our company and milos is not here now
(07:11:03) mark_o_: ok, is there an agenda for the meeting today?
(07:11:26) interopen: how about agenda:
(07:11:39) interopen: 1. Review status of QA group progress
(07:11:54) interopen: 2. Review task list
(07:12:25) interopen: 3. Review design and future progress ( as we have move into an important milestone)
(07:13:57) interopen: 1. This last week, we have been working on finally integrate the CI testing server with junit+fitnesse+sahi tests
(07:14:24) interopen: to be release during this week, this allow us to work in the group with a base
(07:15:20) interopen: a second progres in sahi tests to make them work better with adempiere
(07:16:26) interopen: in this stage we need to work more on the design, as we have several POC working, and now we need to decide how to fully adapt sahi to work with adempiere
(07:16:35) interopen: for functional testing
(07:18:06) mark_o_: sahi is a capture replay tool for webapps?
(07:18:10) interopen: Mark, here we need some help. I plan to work on this design in this pages during the week
(07:18:46) interopen: yes, is similar to Selenium
(07:19:17) interopen: so it allow to create functional test in a very simple way
(07:19:24) mark_o_: ok
(07:20:17) interopen: partial comparisions,fitnesse,sahi and
(07:20:35) mark_o_: ci = hudson continuus integration?
(07:21:34) interopen: yes, we use hudson and integrate the tests on it
(07:22:31) mark_o_: nice, so the server is located in your company? and the aim will be to let developers login and see test results
(07:22:33) mark_o_: ?
(07:23:17) interopen: yes, and work with it, at first for Qa group and later for developers
(07:23:46) mark_o_: ok, i understand
(07:24:12) interopen: one of the tasks left is document this process
(07:24:46) interopen: also any developer can have their own testing environment, as we are documenting it all in adempiere wiki
(07:25:37) interopen: but we need one as a base for QA group, for now we are using our server
(07:25:59) interopen: and created a domain to access it
(07:26:55) interopen: but we see as we work with it, as our servers are in China, and probably the access will be slow
(07:27:59) mark_o_: though about that too.
(07:28:12) interopen: i see you manage a hudson server for adempiere before, what is the status of it?
(07:28:57) mark_o_: we are running a hudson for adempiere ci since 1-2 years now. located in germany with max 64 MBit Bandwidth
(07:29:15) mark_o_: yeah, still up and running ;-)
(07:29:59) interopen: That is great !!, can we use it also in QA group?
(07:30:07) mark_o_: currently just used for building adempiere trunk and mailing compile errors to adempiere-cvs mailinglist
(07:30:39) mark_o_: sure....
(07:30:59) mark_o_: ... but we have to do some homework here in our company ...
(07:31:14) mark_o_: ... before opening the server to public ...
(07:31:27) mark_o_: ... it is not in dmz at the moment
(07:32:25) interopen: ok, also we have some improvement on the build process to integrate tests and other things in order to run it all automatically
(07:32:42) interopen: our first server is base on release, not trunk
(07:33:36) interopen: we are also with the same homework here to make it public
(07:34:13) mark_o_: yes, release is more important for qa at the moment.
(07:34:36) mark_o_: to preprare the release of next adempiere version
(07:34:59) interopen: yes, we agree is the first priority, and later go with trunk
(07:35:13) mark_o_: so you wrote about
(07:35:44) mark_o_: these processes have to be described?
(07:35:57) interopen: there is not much yet only this
(07:36:21) interopen: i was planning to do it this days, as we have move on in base research and we have a base now to design on
(07:37:26) interopen: so one of the design we can do is: how to organize QA servers, structure, users,etc...
(07:38:24) interopen: Our knowledge about software testing before starting with QA group was very limited, so we had to research a lot this months
(07:38:51) interopen: any help you can provide here?
(07:39:59) mark_o_: organize qa servers: we have setup a hudson master & slave environment here in our company.
(07:41:30) mark_o_: our aim was to automatically build, untittest, rollout and integrationtest our former customerprojects when our adempiere bases revision is changed
(07:42:47) mark_o_: we have been working with easymock and jmockit until now (unit testing) and haven't done much with integration testing (e.g. Fitnesse) since yet
(07:44:25) interopen: that is a good progress we can use in QA group
(07:44:34) mark_o_: for codereview we have been using pmd in hudson
(07:45:35) mark_o_: that's our rough test process/ environment at the moment
(07:46:09) mark_o_: we are mostly lacking of integration testing, which is currently documented and done manually
(07:46:23) interopen: so, what are your plans to integrate it with QA group?
(07:48:45) mark_o_: the infrastructure is up and running. moste of our tests are based on customer changes/ implementations.
(07:50:47) interopen: can we use it?, integrate our build scripts, tests and see how to improve base on that
(07:51:27) mark_o_: as soon as i have made myself comfortable in qa group ...
(07:52:05) interopen: yes, that is the way... so any question?
(07:52:14) mark_o_: ... see what's done so far, try to document our environment more precise ...
(07:52:48) mark_o_: ... and then share it with 1) qa group and later for community
(07:52:49) interopen: yes, our first objective is always document what we have as is much easier to progress base on it
(07:52:53) mark_o_: it will be fine
(07:53:19) interopen: that will be a very good first step
(07:54:18) interopen: so going back to the agenda 2.
(07:54:27) mark_o_: so i'll suggest i'll prepare the documentation of our environment until next week and review the qa documents ... to be able to give a better feedback to you. ok?
(07:54:42) interopen: we can add to the task list, document your server, and also document our server this days
(07:54:59) mark_o_: ok
(07:55:19) interopen: ok, so next weeks we can review it and improve the design part
(07:55:29) mark_o_: yepp
(07:56:01) interopen: so we leave 3. Review design and future progress for next week meeting
(07:56:23) mark_o_: yes
(07:56:29) mark_o_: but one thing ...
(07:56:37) mark_o_: i wanted to ask further on
(07:56:41) interopen: yes
(07:57:44) mark_o_: i've been organizing the bug day in the past, and it seems as if we should schedule another one for the next weeks?
(07:58:18) interopen: yes, is true, wanted to talk about it as you have been organizing it
(07:58:22) mark_o_: the last ones weren't very good visited. about 5-10 adempierians
(07:58:38) mark_o_: every time. mostly the same names
(07:59:03) interopen: yes, is a problem, maybe the is complex
(07:59:25) interopen: i mean to visualize the bugs, i try it twice and find it hard
(07:59:36) viola [] entered the channel.
(07:59:39) mark_o_: so i would like to rethink about bug day and what is the aim and how to attract more people in participating
(07:59:55) mark_o_: probably we could do this in qa group too?
(08:00:04) interopen: why not some basic rules? so bugs are better documented
(08:00:27) interopen: yes, sure we can manage it here, you have all my help on it
(08:01:27) interopen: how about if we document some ideas about how to improve this bug days, and bug reporting?
(08:01:35) interopen: and we review them here
(08:02:02) mark_o_: ok. i'll prepare what h
(08:02:07) mark_o_: oops
(08:02:15) mark_o_: to fast with return
(08:02:25) interopen: :-)
(08:02:45) mark_o_: ok. i'll prepare what has happened before, during past bug days in the past ...
(08:03:07) mark_o_: ... and gather all the ideas have been suggested until now ...
(08:03:10) interopen: great, i only follow last one
(08:03:17) mark_o_: ... so wen can try to imporve
(08:03:26) mark_o_: wen = we
(08:03:27) CarlosRuiz: thanks Mark for being persistent with this  :-)
(08:03:53) mark_o_: ;-) Carlos it's one of my beloved Tasks
(08:04:13) mark_o_: would like to see it beeing succesful one time ;-)
(08:04:21) interopen: yes, thanks Mark for the help
(08:04:38) mark_o_: thanks for inviting me to qa.
(08:05:04) interopen: we move here step by step with what we have, so sure we will improve bug days
(08:06:30) interopen: ok, we have release meeting now?
(08:06:56) mark_o_: ok, shall we close our qa meeting now?
(08:07:06) CarlosRuiz: release meeting postponed today
(08:07:29) mark_o_: and proceed next week with suggested tasks?
(08:07:33) interopen: yes, meeting close, thanks all for coming
(08:07:59) mark_o_: thanks, cya next week. bye-bye.
(08:08:09) interopen: Mark, yes we base on suggested task we talk today
(08:08:14) CarlosRuiz: thanks a lot - sorry I didn't participate too much - but I was enjoying your chat, because you're more experienced on this
(08:08:19) interopen: bye Mark
(08:09:14) interopen: Carlos, is good we are progressing
(08:09:37) interopen: this way QA can be important for the other groups progress