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Our Vision

We seek to make the most of our expertise, open source culture, knowledge and experience to help Adempiere become the reference open source ERP/CRM through the contributions of innovative and cutting edge plug ins and through the set up of the right business environment to conduct ethical business for all.
Our skills and our leadership in the Adempiere community as well as our breakthrough and innovative contributions will make us a profitable and a world class open source IT solution provider.
We commit ourselves to use our success and influence to positively benefits all our stakeholders including our clients, employees, shareholders, business partners, the end users of our open source modules and the community at large:

  • by respecting the trust our customers have put in us,
  • by always delivering quality work,
  • by rewarding our employees,
  • by only setting up business models that will always reinforce the open source effort,
  • by aligning the objectives of all stakeholders within the Adempiere community and the community at large with ours,
  • by forging rewarding and ethical strategic alliances.


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