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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.

Beta Release

  • Date: To be announced (tentative December 2010)
  • AD Version: 360LTS
  • OSGI HengSin Version: 6642
  • SF Thread with instructions for testing.
  • Enhancements and Highlights:
    • 2Pack Module refactoring with ElementHandling Plugin Extension.
    • Client UI Refactoring
    • Bundle Jars Refactoring
    • DS EventManager for ModelValidator events
    • Extensions for DB Connections
    • UUID Generator with Indexing for performance
    • Window Export option as File2PackZip
  • WAN service via Tomcat Server
  • Mercurial SVN repository
  • Source management, debugging of client and server codes via Eclipse Buckminster.

Testing Approach

  • Manual Testing of the following items listed have been successful and satisfactory.
    • Calling up windows, appearance and navigation to all child tabs
    • Field data value change, and recall changes
    • New record and process of record accordingly with correct expected results.

Java Client

  • Login
    • Database Connection
    • Language Selection
    • Role Selection
    • Warehouse Selection
  • New Client Setup
    • New currency, country
    • New Products, PriceList, BOM,
    • Purchase thru Receipts
    • Sales


  • POS UI operations
    • Sales Order completion
    • Invoice completion
    • Invoice Accounts Posting
  • Setup New POS Layout


  • Aging Report
  • Report drill-thru
  • Financial Reporting
  • Window Export as Excel and File2PackZip


  • Info Product Inventory window
    • Multi Locator View
    • Attributes Selection
  • Workflow Module
    • WF Validation
    • Workflow Tab display

User-Defined Vertical

  • Menu/Window/Tab creation
  • Data Entry in grid and single record format
  • Report Generation and modification
  • Report Export to PDF, XLS.
  • Exporting to Excel/2Pack and PackOut

System Utils

  • Eclipse IDE debugging has no know issue
    • Importing and updating sourcecode has no issue.
      • However mercurial history checking need learning curve for newbies.
    • Able to launch and adjust environment settings where needed
    • Able to step in and step over classes using breaks
    • Able to inspect static and instance variables during debugging.
  • Product Packaging from Eclipse Buckminster
    • adempiere-client
    • adempeire-server
    • launch codes
    • OSGI console management
      • However logger only stores during debugging and may not happen during binary execution
  • Application Dictionary
    • Create new Menu with new Process with Parameter
    • Create new Table with Columns

PostgreSQL Admin

  • Database Query
  • Database Edit
  • DBExport
  • DBRestore


  • Ajax Login
    • similar to Java Client, reflecting any model changes.
  • Webstore operations able to conduct selection and checkout of shopping basket
  • Request operations of troubleticket
  • Self service New User Creation

Migration Tools



  • No noticeable lag in responsiveness.
  • Small size footprints due to replacement of JBoss with Tomcat
  • Noticeable improvement in overall speed.
  • No OSGI related bugs detected from all of the above activity.
  • Repeated relaunch and export and restore of DBs has no issue.


  • It is a tough learning curve for some developers not familiar with OSGI
  • This project is not synched with the 360LTS Trunk and so other branches has to repeat their synching during migration to this OSGI.
  • There are a few places (already documented in Kenai projectspace) where backward compatibility is broken.