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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.
  • From now on, your DB Tables will have new UUID fields such as seen in this generated PackOut.xml.
  • Here you will see how to do that with OSGI HengSin latest enhancement.


  • UUID or Universal Unique IDentifier has been a long term issue when it comes to 2Pack or integrating or merging modules of multiple differing instances as the PKs and FKs will overlap and IDNameLookUp is cumbersome.
  • You have to run the org.adempiere.process.UUIDGenerator process.
  • You have to create a Report & Process item in your System Menu first.
  • Checkout OSGI HengSin to get the code called org.adempiere.process.UUIDGenerator.

Setting Parameter for Table

As can be seen in the code, there is an option to select the table:

	protected void prepare() {
		ProcessInfoParameter[] parameters = getProcessInfo().getParameter();
		if (parameters == null || parameters.length == 0)
		for(ProcessInfoParameter param : parameters) {
			if (param.getParameterName().equals("TableName")) {
				tableName = param.getParameter().toString();

  • But if no table param is given, the code will do it for all tables. That can take quite a long while.
  • Backup your data first (on 2nd thought, don't ;) ).
	protected String doIt() throws Exception {
		if (tableName == null || tableName.trim().length() == 0)
			tableName = "%";
  • At the end of the execution, you can see a final report stating the number of tables processed and an option to print the results.