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Test Plan

Environment Setup

Specifications and Document Review

This part answer the question whether there exist sufficient documentation of specifications for proper review and whether the codings are in accordance to ADempiere Best Practices.

  • Community Involvement - Yes
    • Discussion Thread - Yes
    • Critical Need - widely referred in business world as constitutional part of ERP
    • Overlap with other branches -
    • Market Comparison -
  • Specifications Document - Yes, still pending review
    • Versioning of Document -
    • Testing Document -
    • Review and Feedback -
  • Code Practice Compliance
    • In-code documentation - pending review
    • JUnit code testing - Yes, tested ok.
    • Code naming convention - Yes, still pending review
    • Follow patterns - Yes, for Packages jars, ModelValidator use
    • Commit to Branch - Yes, as adempiereLibero project
    • Backward compatible - Questions arising from Core code changes /core model changes
    • Impact to feature - BOM extension, Validate BOM, Drop BOM
    • Reference to Document Specs - Not Specific

Testing Areas

  • Generating a Material Requirements Plan from various sources
  • Build of Materials Usage as a task precedent hierarchy
  • Master Production Schedule of Resources
  • Posting of Accounting Consequence

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