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Note.gif Note:

This test case follows A Step by Step Guide to Libero Manufacturing. The author has described a specific test case exercise in his blog (link given below).

Testing Goals

  • To generate a Material Requirements Plan for items that are insufficient stock and within production plan.
  • To track actual consumption and movement of inventories during production
  • To track actual schedule of resource used in production
  • To track activity of Manufacturing Order such as Duration times and Costs.

Testing Context

  • Define a BOM Product - What to build
  • Define Resource Plant with Planning Horizon - When to build
  • Define a Workflow - How to build
  • Generate MRP - Execution
  • Generate Reports - Monitoring

User Setup Data

The information below is already pre-defined in GardenWorld sample.

  • Client:GardenWorld
  • Calendar:Default
  • Currency:USD
  • Product BOMs: Fertilizer #50
Fertilizer #70
  • BOM Formula:
    • Phosphorus 17%
    • Nitrogen 17%
    • Potassium 17%
    • Water 49%
  • Plant: Fertilizer Plant
  • Resource Work Centres: Mixed Area
Inspection Area
Packing Production Line
  • Workflow: Lawn Fertilizer
Lawn Fertilizer Packing
  • Workflow Activities and Resources
  • Vendor: Standard
  • Starting Date: Jan 1, 2010

Transaction Input

  • Now: Current date
  • Promised Date: Added to Now
  • Qty: Quantity in transaction
  • Price: Purchase or Sales Price
  • Product BOM: Item to be bought or produced
  • Transaction Type - Such as Standard Sales Order
  • Execute Transaction - Asserting Transaction success.
  • Calculate Material Plan? - Returns true if MRP Info created
  • Create MO? - Returns true if Manufacturing Order created
  • Create MR? - Returns true if Material Requisition created
  • MRP Info? - Assert expected MRP Info field values

Testing Steps

  • Create and complete 2 Sales Orders
  • Generate Forecast Report
  • Check Product Planning Data
  • Generate Calculate Material Plan
    • Assert MRP Info
  • MRP generate Manufacturing Orders
    • Assert MO are those needed to produce
  • MRP generate Material Requisition
    • Assert MR are those that are bought
  • Order Receipt & Issue

Issues & Bugs

The following are issues and bug trackers that i submitted during the course of the testing.