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Localization Adempiere throught the OmegaT

In Action

  • Download the OmegaT from site: OmegaT
  • Extracting the OmegaT to a dir in which you want install it and create a directory that named "plugins" that in the dir of OmegaT installed.


  • Extracting and Copying adtranslation-filters into "plugins" dir that created at previous step
  • Starting OmegaT and open menu path: Options-->File Filters then you will see the adempiere filter.

Create a localization project

  • New a project


  • Uncheck the chekbox marked by red color line.


  • Project files list


  • Importing adempiere xml files


  • Translation lang segments


Reuse translated adempiere xml file

Download adempiere xml importer from site:AdempiereImporter

  • Run it


  • Select the dir of adempiere xml files

Input a file path in which stores the tmx file, this file is either a new file or already exists tmx file, if it a exists file so the translated segments will be appened


  • Run importing...

  • Open the converted tmx file


Save the converted tmx file in which stored locale project and rename to project_save.tmx

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