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= Obsolete Document =
Stabilization work is now being carried out in the Libero Branch

Install Libero Manufacturing Entity Type EE01

Manual Info

Author : Victor Perez
Document Name: EE01 Libero Manufacturing Install Manual
Version: 1.00
Company: e-Evolution,SC
Status: Draft
Document Date: 11/09/2007

Setup Environment

Create EE01 Entity Type

  • Launch ADempiere and login as System
  • Go to Application Dictionary>Entity Type Window and add new Entity Type as shown here:


Create new InPack

  • Go to Application Dictionary>Application Packaging>PackIn Window
  • Create a new record as illustrated here:

Note: Please ensure your AD_Package Source points to the right path location of AD_Package Dir is where you install Adempiere "ADEMPIERE_Home"

  • Push button Packin

  • You have to wait some minutes ....
  • When you get OK then 2Pack is done correctly.
  • The last step is that you need to run, which is very important because we need to include the new libero.jar within Adempiere.jar and reassign the package.
  • Upon reaching here you have installed EE01 Libero successfully. Just run

Setup New Client

  • Login as System , Create a new client into Adempiere, exit
  • Login as SuperUser and new Company , Open System Admin > Client Rules > Client Window and set org.eevolution.model.LiberoValidator into the model validator field to it client.

kind regards

Victor Perez