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This is a step-by-step tutorial that explains how you can make Adempiere display invoices with the data as you expect it. This document is addressed to people who are not familiar to Adempiere and who may not have strong IT background.

You will note that for most basic requirements, there is no need to dig into software source code or database.

Who is this document for?

This document gathers my personal notes about customizing invoices in Adempiere and Compiere. It is intended to non-technical people jumping in to Adempiere.

What can you expect after reading this tutorial?

By end of this tutorial, you should be able to:

• Understand the basics of how to adapt invoice in Adempiere; • Understand what you can do with no software changes; • Understand what you cannot adapt in Adempiere without code changes; • Make you save time by going straight to the point;

What do you want to display and NOT to display in your Invoice?

Before starting anything, it is important to clearly identify what you want to reach. In our case, just draft the invoice the way you want it to display making a clear difference between Layout requirement and display requirements.

For instance, Let’s attach here how we would like the invoice to display:

Aicha consulting sample invoice.GIF

Make sure you understand priorities as your client does

If you’re drafting the invoice for yourself, this section is not relevant. If you have limited timeframe to deliver a customization on the invoice, you should make sure you understand what needs to be done the way your client understands it !

Moving to new system, the invoice layout is the opportunity to change things and/or simplify things.

So, what I recommend to do then is to draft a small table in which the client clearly expresses: • Can element change position in new invoice? • Is this element compulsory? • Under what conditions this element needs to be displayed?

Once we know this, we know how flexible client is and on which part one should focus the efforts.

Table of invoice elements


Default adempiere invoice output.JPG

The image below shows where do we start from while we already know where we want to go.

Let's just make it happen step by step !

Assumptions The image above is only possible after you have:

* Created a client within Adempiere. Please refer to tutorial Initial Client Setup for more details
*	You have already entered your customers details (business partners, tax information, ...etc) into Adempiere;
*      You have created an invoice within Adempiere and completed it;

Make it happen !

Let's go through the process of customizing the invoice in two aspects:

1-) Content: Make sure all the content is displayed in the Invoice

2-) Layout: Make sure we can play with invoice layout to reach closer to our requirements

Displaying content:

Put your Own Logo

Display your Tel,Fax, e-mail

Display project ID

Add a footer

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