How to set up an Election

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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.

Elections for citizens

Currently we use Limesurvey to execute votes.

Before the vote

  • Create new survey in Limesurvey
    • Parameter:
      • anonymous
      • single page layout
      • set exipiration date
    • Create Question Group
    • Create Question for each nominee
      • add contributions and plans of the nominee from the application form
      • write question
      • supplement link to wiki page
      • supplement link to Forum Thread where the vote was initiated
    • Import Citizen list as csv
    • Create Tokens
    • Send email invitation
  • Send email to citizen mailing list
    • inform about exipration date

During the vote

  • Answer request of users that have not received their token.
    • case 1: email sent by limesurvey ends in spam
    • case 2: wrong email on token list

Vote has ended

  • Lookup results in Limesurvey
  • Post detailed results to citizen mailing list
  • Post result to forum
  • Backup limesurvey database

Elections for commmunity

To be defined. Have not had the case yet but Limesurvey can be used for that as well.