How to Limit User Access to own Record

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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.

This little tips is useful when we want to limit user access/change to his own profile.

The idea is make clone of User Window and add tiny where clause to it.

Ok, here is the steps :

1. Login as SuperUser and choose System Administration Role.

2. Go to Window, Tab & Field.

3. Create New Window, Name it : My Profile

MyProfile Window.png

4. Click on Copy Windows Tab to clone tabs from User Window.

5. Go to Tab and excluding some records using delete button and keep following :

  User Contact, User Subtitute, User Mail, Queries, LDAP Access

MyProfile tab.png

6. Still in Tab, Zoom user Contact Record and scroll down until you find Sql WHERE box, then type in :


MyProfile where.png

7. Save it, and we're done this new window u can safely close it.

8. Next Link My Profile Window into Menu, Click on "Menu".

9. Add a New Record, name it My Profile

10. Select Action as "Window" and fill the window box select "My Profile".

MyProfile menu.png

11. Save it and voila it's done.

Above tips is base on Teo Sarca post :

My personal thanks to Teo Sarca.