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A powerful concept in Financial Reports are the hierarchies.

In Adempiere you can define different hierarchies for Organizations, Accounts, Activities, Business Partners, Products, Projects, Campaigns and Sales Regions.

To illustrate the usage suppose you have this set of organizations in GardenWorld

01 Hierarchies Several Orgs.png

You can issue financial reports for:

  • HQ - Organization HQ
  • Store - Organization Store
  • Administrative - Organizations HQ and Offices
  • Stores - Store, Store 1 & 2 & 3

Problem: how can you issue a report that summarizes for example HQ and Store?

Solution: You create a new hierarchy just for reporting purposes.

Step 1 - Create a new tree

Window System Admin -> General Rules -> System Rules -> Tree

You must select the type of tree - in this example it must be "Organization" - and select "All Nodes"

Important Note: Now that you have two different trees for organization is a good idea to mark which one must be the default. When you don't select a reporting hierarchy the default tree will be used.

02 Hierarchies AlternateOrgTree.png

Step 2 - Create a new reporting hierarchy

Window Performance Analysis -> Financial Reporting -> Reporting Hierarchy

Create a new hierarchy.

In the new reporting hierarchy you select the new Alternate Tree for the organization:

03 Hierarchies ReportingHierarchy.png

Step 3 - Create a new summary organization

Window System Admin -> Organization Rules -> Organization

Create the summary organization "HQ & Store" - this organization will not be used by default, is just for usage of the new hierarchy.

04 Hierarchies NewSummaryOrganization.png

Step 4 - Organize the new tree

Window System Admin -> General Rules -> System Rules -> Tree Maintenance

Open the Tree Maintenance window select the organization from the right panel and pass to the left the required organization using the button "Add to Tree"

05 Hierarchies OrganizeNewTree.png

Step 5 - Use the new hierarchy in financial report

Window Performance Analysis -> Financial Reporting -> Financial Report

Finally, you can use the new hierarchy in the financial reports, when you select the organization "HQ & Store" and the hierarchy "Alternate Organization for HQ & Store", Adempiere will issue a financial report adding the data from the two organizations

06 Hierarchies FinReport.png


The List Transaction flag in Financial Reports is not filtering the transactions. This is, if you select "List Transactions" flag in this example, the report will include all transactions of all organizations, not just the organizations from the hierarchy.