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Place for putting thoughts on geocoding work for ADempiere.


What is Geocoding? Geocoding is the process of finding associated geographic coordinates (often expressed as latitude and longitude) from other geographic data, such as street addresses, or zip codes (postal codes). With geographic coordinates the features can be mapped and entered into Geographic Information Systems, or the coordinates can be embedded into media such as digital photographs via geotagging.

Reverse geocoding is the opposite: finding an associated textual location such as a street address, from geographic coordinates.

Project Team


Contribution Requests

What i know of and understood so far from Red1 and the Feature request listed on Tracker Geolocation thread on Tracker



Functional Specs

May 09 17:35:31 <satyag> red1, so do you have anything on the geocoding stuff as in specs or out put you are expecting
May 09 17:35:56 <red1> not except what i read proposed by carlos also in the tracker
May 09 17:36:13 <red1> u did write there too ?
May 09 17:36:20 <satyag> yup i did
May 09 17:36:27 <red1> it seems easy to do
May 09 17:36:31 <satyag> we had few exchanges
May 09 17:36:39 <red1> geodata.. map to GoogleAPI / OSM
May 09 17:36:49 <satyag> but his expectations are different
May 09 17:36:49 <red1> enter via OSM or GE
May 09 17:36:57 <red1> how so?
May 09 17:37:08 <red1> isnt it just geodata? the location coods
May 09 17:37:17 <satyag> what i understood was he wants till the street level
May 09 17:37:23 <red1> i can imagine it easily...
May 09 17:37:28 <satyag> naa he expects more
May 09 17:37:32 <red1> isnt that possible later?
May 09 17:37:45 <red1> as sub-data?
May 09 17:37:45 <satyag> well the level one you are asking is easy
May 09 17:37:55 <satyag> ok lets do this way then
May 09 17:38:02 <red1> from GE.. u enter the map... then to street level.. u can zoom in/out
May 09 17:38:13 <red1> i think its modular
May 09 17:38:14 <satyag> do what carlos expects in level
May 09 17:38:16 <satyag> 2
May 09 17:38:33 <red1> u have to start somewhere.. i think long/lat is enuf for start
May 09 17:39:29 <red1> just to show Google Earth ERP is a big boost
May 09 17:39:45 <red1> then we try to map the AD apps to the GE interface
May 09 17:39:57 <red1> such as some boxes (left panel) to show stocks levels
May 09 17:40:14 <red1> can be in 3D form on the map
May 09 17:40:46 <satyag> this stuff is gonna be in the wiki write more
May 09 17:40:57 <satyag> how you forsee it
May 09 17:41:42 <satyag> i was thinking from the point of data entry as well
May 09 17:42:05 <satyag> as in point and click location on the map to get the values or location
May 09 17:42:12 <satyag> as in input
May 09 17:43:22 <red1> i see
May 09 17:43:48 <red1> can there be a layer over that is color coded?
May 09 17:43:54 <satyag> yup
May 09 17:44:06 <satyag> or search for a location based on lat long or name
May 09 17:44:13 <red1> or tags to show there is something there.. color coded to show Stocks. Bases.... routes.. etc
May 09 17:44:19 <red1> that is obvious
May 09 17:44:34 <red1> lat long is already there before
May 09 17:47:22 <satyag> yeah we had a discussion already about it




1)We will be able to visualize the info based on the geolocation
2)Tracking visually multiple sets of data at a glance