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Document Sequence

Practical Use of Document Type & Sequence

this part is from Trifonnt User:Trifonnt/Howtos_Hints#Practical_Use_of_Document_Type_.26_Sequence

  • What is its real purpose of Document Sequence

The purpose is to have different sequence (Document No) for each document type. For example: Imagine you want to difference the PO depending on what you buy. You could have the document type "Purchase Order-A" and the "Purchase Order-B".

"Purchase Order-A" --> Sequence (Document no):A00001 "Purchase Order-B" --> Sequence (Document no):B00001

So for the same transaction (Purchase order) you can difference distinct sequence numbers.

How to change document numbers?

this part is from Trifonn User:Trifonnt/Howtos_Hints#How_to_change_document_numbers.3F

Go to Performance

Analysis -> Accounting Rules -> Document Type

Here you can see all existing document types like Purchase Order etc. If the 'Document is Number Controlled' checkbox is checked then you will have a Document Sequence field (a drop down). Right click and zoom to the Document Sequence window

Performance Analysis -> Accounting Rules -> Document Sequence

Here you can change the current next value, the increment and you can add prefix and or suffix for your order/invoice numbers.


  • Question: I'm not understand quite what should I need to put in DateColumn field to restart Document Sequence every year?
  • Answer: You have to put the column name of the date that you would use as reference for the year. For the inout I used dateacct field, i hope that is correct.

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